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Monday, June 2, 2014
The NaBloPoMo prompts for June are available. May went by so fast, didn’t it? If you would like to participate, visit There is still time to sign up! I still have a NaBloPoMo community on Google +, if you want to share your NaBloPoMo/NaNoRiMo posts there.

The prompt for today is:
Do you have commenting guidelines for your readers? Today is a great time to let them know the commenting policy for your blog (or set some new expectations).

I do not have a commenting policy yet. So here are some guidelines that those who comment should follow – on my blog as well as other blogs.
1. Comments should be respectful of everyone. You don’t have to agree but don’t be a jerk about it.
2. Comments should be relevant to the post. For example, don’t leave a link that has nothing to do with the post. If the post is about summer picnic ideas, don’t leave a link about why vinegar is awesome. Vinegar is awesome but the link doesn’t belong here.
3. Along the same line as #1, don’t start drama. Discussion, debates, etc. are all great. Drama is not invited to my blog. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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  1. I loved your post, I think that you should talk more about how Vinegar is awesome. My blog has some great tips and tricks – why don’t you follow me? Excellent web site, I’m sending more buddies here to check it out.

    (LOL – those are just the first spammy comments I could think of!) 🙂

  2. Haha – the replies are amazing! I can’t believe how much spam I get on my website – but then I get some lovely comments and it makes my day 🙂

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