Day 5 of Vegetarianism: Keeping the Faith


Dear Readers,
It is day five of Darling Daughter’s introduction to vegetarianism. So far she has learned that she cannot just eat fruit, popcorn and ice cream. Although, that sounds lovely, it is not healthy.
Last night, I made a black bean and rice burrito with corn and cheese. Lucas prepared the guacomole. We also had a side of tomatoes. So out of five people, three people enjoyed the burrito. Unfortunately, Darling Daughter was not one of them. Apparently, she does not like beans.
I haven’t given up hope yet. There are still a few more protein sources that we will try.

2 responses to “Day 5 of Vegetarianism: Keeping the Faith”

  1. She is cracking me up! I love that you are embracing her life decision and not blowing her off – and that she is hating her life decision so far! 🙂
    I found the recipe for the goat cheese and tofu tacos – I really liked them – but I have a feeling that the words “tofu” will scare her a bit!

    1. Thanks Kate! I will try it. 🙂 Maybe it will gross her out.

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