I Beat Anorexia

A few days ago, I saw a man with a shirt that said “I Beat Anorexia.” He was a little overweight. Of course, I laughed at the irony. Then I remembered, I beat anorexia. It wasn’t so funny.
Why would someone basically starve themselves? For vanity? Maybe it’s why people start eating less. It’s not the whole reason.
Back then, it was hard to explain why I didn’t want to eat. At first, people at school thought I didn’t have lunch money. My volleyball coach was horrified by my meal choice of a candy bar and diet soda. It was one of the few times that I ate anything for lunch that year. I was 14. I was not fat. On a good day, I weighed 110 pounds. On not so good days, I was down to 105.
Throughout high school, I struggled with eating.
So I struggled because I wanted to weigh less. If I weighed less, my periods would stop, which was my original goal. Periods = intense pain. Someone told me the periods would stop if I weighed under 100.
There were also issues with depression that did not help my situation.
In hindsight, it was the most unhealthy choice ever made. I should have found a different solution by asking someone like a doctor or a nurse. There were probably articles or books. I did not do my research.
I’m not sure why I started eating again. I discovered Chinese food,which helped. The depression issues have been under control.
So now I’m a little overweight and kicking anorexia’s butt every day.

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