Ohio State Fair: The Fairest of them All

I have lived in Ohio since 1976. So basically my entire life, right? For about four years, I lived in Columbus, Ohio. In all of that time, I never attended the Ohio State Fair. I have driven through fair traffic, watched news coverage on the Columbus news. I even read about the Ohio State Fair in the Columbus Dispatch.
Can you believe that I never attended the fair before? This week, my family and I attended the fair for the first time ever. The first thing my kids wanted to do was climb the rock wall. At the end of our time at the fair, I was walking around with beaded necklaces and a red plastic shark. It is safe to say that we had a great time. I also won a water bottle from the Ohio Historical Society. It was a good day.

On a side note, Joan Jett was playing in concert that night. We didn’t go but we were there in spirit. We love rock & roll and the Ohio State Fair.


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  1. Okay, when you said red plastic shark, I wasn’t picturing a Red Plastic Shark – that thing is huge!!

    1. I know!! I kept running into people with it. lol 🙂 I think I made some new friends because of the shark.

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