Robots: Daily Post

Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?


Thanks for the robot. His job will be to drive to school and sit in the ridiculously long line of cars to pick up Little Sister #2. I don’t mind picking her up. I really hate sitting in the long line. Then I can’t seem to get the hang of when to stop and when to go. The robot should not have any trouble with that, right?!

4 responses to “Robots: Daily Post”

  1. I’ll take one R2D2 cleaning bot too pls! 😊

  2. Behhh waiting in line. One major downfall to living in the city. R2D2 will excel at that, it excels at all!

  3. Would R2D2 be able to recognize Little Sister#2? Let’s just hope so 😉

    1. He could probably be programmed for facial recognition. 🙂

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