Oh My Glob: I Found the Bobbin!


Wow! I finally found the bobbin on the sewing machine. I’m in the process of disecting a YouTube video on how to thread the bobbin. Or put thread on the bobbin. Is it the same thing?
Now if only I could find the cord to plug in the sewing machine. I’m really making progress with this sewing thing. I feel like I’m one step closer to making Little Sister #1’s Thor costume.

I love this chick, Freckled Nest. We could be BFF’s. In real life, not just on the Internet. Until then, I’m going to try to build a relationship with my sewing machine. I hope the sewing machine will be forgiving of my mistakes.
I imagine the conversation with my sewing machine will be like this.


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  1. Wonderful! Once you learn to sew you will find it very straightforward. I was telling a friend the other day that it was too bad so many people don’t know how to sew. I grew up sewing and unti recently always had a machine. These days I hardly do anything more than hem pants or fix buttons, but it’s a very useful skill to know.

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