5 Point Checklist for Buying a Used Car


1. Take someone objective with you who knows about cars. Don’t take anyone who benefits from the sale of the car.

2. Take it for a test drive. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

3. Decide how much money you are willing to invest in fixing a car. If the brakes or transmission need to be repaired, you might want to consider another automobile. Also, get the Carfax history.

4.  Find a used car inspection checklist like this: one http://www.samarins.com/check/simplecheck.html or an article about buying a used car like this one: http://www.doublethebatch.com/find-good-used-car-world-used-car-crap/

5. Get the title signed in front of a notary. Do some research. You probably know someone who knows a notary. Also, most banks have a notary available free of charge.

Trust me. I wish I had done all of these things before buying a used car that I regret buying. So now I will be having a closer relationship with a mechanic than I intended. What do you get your mechanic for Christmas?

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  1. yeah – we take very good care of our mechanic – and last time we saw him we gave him some quiche – ha! must keep them well fed…. anyhow, cool list here – hope your next car is better…

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