Reddit is not for me: Social Media

It was bound to happen. I found a social media outlet that I don’t like. Reddit is not the social media platform for me. In fact, I think we should break up. Immediately.

Maybe it’s me. I don’t like most of the posts on there. However, I do like the Thor section.

Maybe it’s Reddit. People don’t seem to like my posts either. I hate to say that Reddit is just not that into me.

Reddit and I are a mismatched couple. It makes me a little sad to end our relationship but it will be for the best.

Does anyone have a good relationship with Reddit? I’m curious about how things are going with you and Reddit.

Here is a video that expresses my feelings about Reddit. Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve never been to Reddit but I have a seething hatred for Facebook. It’s become bloated and full of itself and is like Big Brother. A bunch of family members and other characters from my past I’d rather not be associating with found me there (even thoough I slightly changed my first name). I do NOT like mixing my online life and my personal life as a general rule, and that is definitely a violation of my right to compartmentaize aspects of my life, not to mention my privacy.

  2. I use Reddit for a laugh in the middle of the night (before the current Pinterest addiction) but I only subscribe to the picture feed. I don’t upvote or comment or anything.

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