Harvesting Cilantro


So what have I been doing today? Hmmm…. forgetting that the kids don’t have school. Apparently, it’s Columbus Day. Then taking them to school. Then getting reprimanded by the secretary for not watching television or whatever. I swear I didn’t see it on my Facebook feed. Or read the newspaper. Or look at a calendar.

Anyway . . . after that it was time to harvest the cilantro. Winter is coming and all of that.

I’ve been reading a few articles on how to dry out the cilantro. Lucas also asked if we could use the seeds. I googled it. I found this article about using the seeds.



I have finished drying the cilantro. I used the oven method that I read about in the Taste of Home Canning issue.



Now I will be looking up information about how to get the smell of cilantro off of hands. I’m going to smell like cilantro for days. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?


      1. hahahahaha! The first thing I do when I get the school calendar is go in and add it to my work calendar – and then I usually submit a time off request 🙂
        Today is probably the first school holiday that my son has had that I DIDN’T take off – feels kinda weird… but he’s at the age that I don’t have to burn a vacation day!

      1. LOL, yeah… 4 posts a day, I can’t even do 4 a week! But, I know it’s working for you – and I can’t read every one of yours, but I do always try and get to at least 2 a day 🙂 Unless I’ve seen it on Instagram, then I’m totally comfortable passing it by!

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