Bend at the Knee They Said.


So my knee has been swollen since Wednesday. I finally went to the doctor today. The diagnosis is that I’ve probably torn something. It’s not official because I have to get approved to have an MRI.

The doctor said that the insurance companies like to send people to rehab first and then do the MRI. Because that makes sense, right?!

The doctor also foresees a visit to an orthopedic surgeon in my near future.

Anyway . . . I will be off work for a week. My boss is thrilled. I also have to go talk to the human resources lady tomorrow. Someone thought I should stop by unannounced to talk to her. I said, “Nancy does not like surprises. I will call before I go see her.” Nancy really does not like surprises. However, she is very efficient and extremely organized. Nancy’s would need to plan for surprises in order to be okay with surprises.

I have a feeling that this might be the end of my nursing assistant career. Definitely have a feeling in my knee that says “Please don’t kneel on the floor. We can’t promise that you’ll get up.”

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  1. Insurance companies suck. Sorry to hear about your knee. What’s the old saying? “Take care of your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone”. I hope that it’s not the end of your career. I’ve had bad knees for a while and they can be worked around.

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