Visit Grandma: Compassion

How long has it been since you’ve visited Grandma ? You may also know her as┬áNana, MeeMaw, Granny, Grammy, Mimi. We all have busy lives, I know. Can’t we make some time to visit Grandma? She needs someone to check in on her. Grandma wants to give someone cookies and candy. She wants to beContinue reading “Visit Grandma: Compassion”

Why Don’t I like Dogs?

My new friend, Henrietta at asked me why I don’t like dogs. It’s a valid question. What is my deal with not wanting a dog? There’s nothing wrong with dogs per se. My heart is not completely hardened towards dogs. Henrietta’s question made me think about the real reason. For a few months, IContinue reading “Why Don’t I like Dogs?”

Mother Hen: NaBloPoMo

Tell us about your night routine. What is one thing you could never imagine changing about it? On most nights, I am a Mother Hen. My nights include making sure people eat, tucking them into bed at night and tracking down whoever has snuck out for the evening. Then I go home and check onContinue reading “Mother Hen: NaBloPoMo”

MRI: How to Stay Still for 30 minutes

This morning I had an MRI done on my knee. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The MRI is supposed to show things that an X-ray probably won’t show – like arthritis or a torn ligament. It was my first MRI and hopefully my last. It was a relatively pleasant experience. They let me chooseContinue reading “MRI: How to Stay Still for 30 minutes”

Bend at the Knee They Said.

So my knee has been swollen since Wednesday. I finally went to the doctor today. The diagnosis is that I’ve probably torn something. It’s not official because I have to get approved to have an MRI. The doctor said that the insurance companies like to send people to rehab first and then do the MRI.Continue reading “Bend at the Knee They Said.”

So You Want to Be a Nurse Aide: A Few Tips for New Nurse Aides

Tips for New Nurse Aides 1. Be prepared for a lot of walking and lifting. 2. Be aware of your employer’s mandating policy. 3. Handwashing! Wash your hands often! Carry a small container of hand sanitizer just in case of an emergency. 4. Carry gloves with you! Also replace empty boxes. Your co-workers will appreciateContinue reading “So You Want to Be a Nurse Aide: A Few Tips for New Nurse Aides”

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