Elf on the Shelf: 1st Year and Totally Clueless


This is the first year that we’ve had an Elf on the Shelf. I just noticed that the box basically says, “This isn’t the elf that you’re looking for.”

Apparently, the real Elf on the Shelf isn’t supposed to be touched by the kids. Touching makes the magic wear off. Then how can the elf fly back to tattle to Santa? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Anyway, I guess I bought the elf that just sits around waiting to get the party started. So according to the box, she doesn’t fly and has not one bit of magic. Well, I believe she has magic no matter what the box says.

My kid doesn’t know that it’s not a real Elf on the Shelf. I don’t think she really cares. I’m not using the elf as a tool to get her to behave. People of the blog – I’ve been telling her for five years to be good because Santa is watching. This kid does not care who is watching. She is going to do what she wants whether Santa likes it or not.


So the elf is just for fun. It might be more fun for mommy than anyone else.


Belle the Elf and Javiel the Mexican Cowboy are already up to no good. They ate the whole box of chocolate.

Little Sister #2 just came downstairs and caught them. She wanted me to tell Belle to get back in that tree. Javiel is also a bad influence. Even elves dig bad boys.

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