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Meet and Greet: Nerf Herder

Punk Head Presents the inaugural “A Merry Punking Christmas” featuring 90’s pop-punk band Nerf Herder with special guests The CopyrightsDan Vapid & The Cheats, and Capgun Heroes.

All proceeds from the show will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationGreater Chicago Food Depository, and Toy Box Connection.

For tickets/RSVP: Facebook event page

NSFW video: For the love, play it at home perv.

Sleep Deprived Music Review: The Wizards of Winter

The Wizards of Winter

The Wizards of Winter has released their latest album, The Christmas Dream, just in time for the holidays. So if you want a break from Hallmark Christmas movies but still want to be in the Christmas spirit, then The Wizards of Winter will be perfect for you. It would also be good for playing while doing your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping.


The Wizards of Winter play rock and roll holiday music and it is awesome. They are more along the lines of Trans-Siberian Orchestra but with more rock. The Wizards of Winter have been described as a progressive rock Christmas band. Personally, I like them slightly better than TSO. No offense TSO. I think I could even take the boyfriend to their show and he wouldn’t be miserable at all.

The band members have been in other bands like Styx, Def Leppard, Deep Purple as well as playing with Yngwie Malmsteen. (Side note: I’ve been practicing how to say Yngwie Malmsteen for about five years now.)

The band is based in Frenchtown, New Jersey. They’ve been together since 2009. The Wizards of Winter started when they performed for a concert to benefit a local food pantry. Every year since then they’ve progressed from holiday benefit concerts to albums and a tour.





Who is in the band?


Scott Kelly – Founder, Keyboards

Sharon Kelly – Vocals/Flute

Fred Gorhau – Lead Guitar

Greg Smith – Bass

John O’Reilly – Drums

Steve Brown – Lead Guitar

Vincent Jiovino – Vocals

Karl Scully – Vocals

Alexis Smith – Vocals/Auxiliary Keys

Kornelia Rad – Violin/Vocals

Tony Gaynor – Narrator

Tour dates:

11/29 – Patchogue, NY @ Patchogue Theatre

11/30 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Paramount Theatre 

12/1 – Englewood, NJ @ Bergen PAC

12/5 – Angola, IN @ T. Furth PAC

12/6 – Pontiac, MI @ Flagstar Strand Theatre

12/7 – Johnson Creek, WI @ Gobbler Theatre

12/8 – St. Charles, IL @ Arcada Theatre

12/12 – Wisconsin Rapids, WI @ Wisconsin Rapids PAC

12/13 – Harris, MI @ Island Resort Casino

12/14 – Harris, MI @ Island Resort Casino

12/15 – Wabash, IN @ Honeywell Theatre

12/17 – Canton, OH @ Canton Palace  

12/19 – Derry, NH @ Tupelo Music Hall               

12/20 – Jim Thorpe, PA @ Penns Peak   

12/21 – Roanoke Rapids, NC @ Roanoke Rapids Theatre

12/22 – Bristol, TN at Paramount PAC

12/27 – Portland, ME @ Aura

Christmas Eve with Eva: Baking Cookies





This year, Eva and I made cookies for Santa. Usually, I buy them already made.
She wanted to help. Since I cannot find the mixer, Eva was in charge of mashing everything together. Then she put the cookie dough on the sheet. Most of it made it to the cookie sheet. A small percentage was eaten. It could not be helped.

She wanted to help pour the milk for Santa but it was only 4 p.m. Santa- or anyone else really- should not be served sour milk.

P.S. Santa, could you bring us a new mixer for Christmas?


Eco-friendly Earrings



I don’t mean to brag but I have scored a really great present for the teenager. She likes skulls, steampunk and jewelry.

So I found the sugar skull and steampunk earrings from Green Tea Jewelry. I think that the teenager will love them -until she moves on to another phase. As long as she loves them this Christmas, it counts as a success.

They look heavy but they are very light. The earrings are made of wood. Who knew that wood earrings could be as light as a feather? Probably my mom – she was a hippie once.

The gears on the steampunk earrings really do move.

Green Tea Jewelry makes a variety of things, including switch plate covers, pendants and clocks. Many of their items are steampunk inspired.



Green Tree Jewelry

*I received the earrings in exchange for doing a post.

Christmas Decorating: #BlogHer

Do you decorate for the winter holidays?

The kids and I decorated the tree yesterday. Sort of. They started to decorate and then they started wrestling. I was going to save the one daughter that was trapped but I couldn’t stop laughing. It was funnier than it sounds. Or I’m a terrible mother.

I did have to make them stop before they knocked the tree over or anyone peed their pants. See, I’m not so bad.

Apparently, I didn’t pack up very carefully last year because many of my decorations broke. There’s an angel with  broken wings. Frosty has fallen but he didn’t melt. He might have been drunk. The Elf on the Shelf threw a party and there is tinsel and shattered ornaments everywhere.


(It’s ok. I’m more than happy to get new stuff, including a lid and another box. We’re totally going to make “The Nightmare Before Christmas” theme happen sooner than later, I swear. We have a white Christmas tree so that is half the battle. Most of the time, the garland is red but one of the kids found the purple and now the tree has a hodge podge of colors. Nothing matches but no one seems to mind. Well, maybe me. I like things to match.  I don’t think the decorating police will care. If they do, then I’ll send my kids to challenge them to a wrestling match.


Christmas Doesn’t Have to be Perfect, right?

The tree is up. No mice fell out of it – thank goodness! The box was slightly open so there was a possibility of a mouse hiding in the branches.

The Elf on the Shelf has been found. I forgot her name for a few minutes. It’s Belle. Well, that’s what it said on Instagram.


Most of the decorations are up. I even went through the box that didn’t have a lid.Why didn’t it have a lid?

Also, there were no mice in the box. There was only a huge insect waiting for me at the bottom.

Note to self: Buy a damned lid. Think of it as a Christmas present to yourself.

Unfortunately, I cannot lift the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo’ That” Box. My neighbors probably got a kick out of watching me drag it across the yard. This box makes me laugh every time. It shouldn’t. My boyfriend thinks it’s funny that I took down Christmas decorations down in less than an hour one year. Christmas tree and everything. So he labeled the box with this name as a homage to my lack of Christmas spirit.

He went to the store for milk and when he returned, Christmas was officially over and the tree was stuck in the door. I had a meltdown – like a major, meltdown.

I wanted Christmas to be perfect and magical and lovely like something on the Hallmark Channel. It was nowhere near any of those things.

Every Christmas since then, I look at this box and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be special. My kids are probably going to fight all day. Someone will leave their belongings somewhere else. I will receive clothes ten sizes too  big. It’s just how things are sometimes.

We are not a Hallmark Channel family. However, we can still have a pretty awesome Christmas. I just saw “The Nightmare Before Christmas” decorations that would be fairly perfect for our house. It would be like Christmas and Halloween all in one.  We can make it work for us.




Destino’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Outside of the Box

This week’s challenge is “Outside of the Box.” So this means, anything goes. Whoever participates is free to post anything that they would like. 🙂



Oh My Glob! Barbie Dream House.

Out of your reach
Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during
the holidays or on your birthday, but never received?
Tell us about it.


When I was a kid, I wanted a Barbie Dream House – just like the one in the picture. I did not receive an actual Barbie Dream House.

My dad and grandpa put together a wooden doll house that was not bad considering they weren’t carpenters. I’m pretty sure my grandpa probably did most of the work. My dad wasn’t good at that sort of thing. Or with following through with anything. I’m still waiting on a doll bed that he promised me like 30 years ago. Anyway . . . I figured after 10 years of no doll bed that I wasn’t getting a doll bed. Sorry dolls, you’re out of luck.

The Barbie Dream House has been updated. It’s still awesome and sooo pink. It’s still little girls dream.