If we were having coffee: NaBloPoMo

If we were going to have coffee, I would say, “Please take me to the coffee shop!”
I miss my old hangout. I even painted my living the same unusual shade of purple. It seems to be a common color in coffee houses and smoke shops. It’s just unusual for a living room.
For a short time, I even lived in an apartment above the coffee shop. It always sounded like a parade could happen at any moment. I didn’t mind because I really like parades.
I’ve read some of the reviews. I don’t remember the service being terrible when I went.
The last I heard, this coffee shop was closed. Whyyyyy!!??? I’m not sure why. These things happen- Things change. Regulars move away. Business dies down. New management takes over and ruins the vibe.
I haven’t found a new coffee shop yet. People talk about Mr. Smith’s but I haven’t been there. I guess I wouldn’t be cheating on the old coffee shop by visiting a new coffee shop, right?



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