3 Things that are Different Since Becoming a Mom

Things are different when you become a mom. This is a list of the top three things that changed for me when I entered mommyhood.


1. Some songs have different meanings now that I’ve had children. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” comes to mind. It’s really about a girlfriend but when I hear it now the meaning is different. It reminds me of Darling Daughter whenever it’s on the radio. Omigosh! I wish I had had this onesie for my kids when they were babies.


2. I pay attention to that Parental Advisory label. I don’t always heed it’s warning but I notice it more than before I was a parent. It’s sort of like speed limit signs, I see them both as a suggestion. Also, I should probably have this as a t-shirt. I may contain explicit lyrics when the children are at school.


3. I don’t have popcorn and ice cream for dinner too much anymore. Since becoming a mom, I try to serve things that are healthier. (I also try to get someone else to cook so that the food is edible.) I do make a pretty good peanut butter & jelly sandwich.


My new friend, Iron Mom, also has a cute post about the joys of motherhood.

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Iron Sign Your a Mom

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  1. 🙂 I am surprised at your ability to isolate 3 things that have changed. I can only throw my hands up and say “everything” when I try to think about what’s different after motherhood. lol

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