Adventures in Pinterest: DIY Sharpie Mugs



And Fail!!


For this DIY sharpie mug project, I’m at 50 % success and 50% fail. Seriously, I’ll take whatever amount of success I can get. In this case, I really did learn from my failure.

Here is what I have learned.

1. Use the oil-based sharpies. Do not use regular sharpies! If you use regular sharpies, the ink will run as soon as you put the Modge Podge on it. It will not matter how long you bake it. The regular sharpies will also not last past one washing.

So get the oil-based sharpies and save yourself some aggravation.

2. Bake it at 350 for 30 minutes. I also let it cool in the oven for about an hour in order to avoid cracking.

3. When it’s done cooling off, spray your design with Modge Podge. Use a thin coat because thick coat could make the design run.

4. You can wash off whatever runs and start over again. I have done this . . . twice.

5. The person who receives this gift should handwash this mug. The dishwasher could ruin the design. Maybe it won’t but who wants to take a chance?

Personally, I like the black mugs better than the cream colored mugs. The store was totally out of white mugs. There must have been a run on white mugs due to so many Pinterest projects this time of year. There are probably a lot of crafty people out there who need quick crafty ideas.

Here is what you will need:

1. Oil-based sharpies

2. The mug of your choice.

3. An oven

4. Modge Podge.

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