Off the Wall Idea: Wine Follies

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Regale us with every
detail of the idea — the idea itself, where it came to you, and
the problem it solved.


It may not have been the best idea. It may have been the silliest or most outlandish. I may have been drinking quite a bit  of wine and preparing for a hangover.

Sometime that evening, I thought it would be a marvelous idea to have a service for college kids with hangovers. They could call and someone would deliver aspirin, chicken noodle soup and a beverage. A non-alcoholic beverage. The customer could also specify whether they wanted a grandma type figure or a nurse with a figure.

Obviously, this idea may need some work. It makes me giggle a little bit to think about how awesome it would be if it really existed.

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