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a to z bucket list: Vineyard

We visited the Paper Moon Vineyards on Saturday. There was an ambulance there when we arrived; however, there was not a mass Exodus so we went inside. 

Lucas and I sampled 5 wines each. My favorite was the sangria. He liked the Honeymoon Mead. 

Paper Moon Vineyards

Off the Wall Idea: Wine Follies

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Regale us with every
detail of the idea — the idea itself, where it came to you, and
the problem it solved.


It may not have been the best idea. It may have been the silliest or most outlandish. I may have been drinking quite a bit  of wine and preparing for a hangover.

Sometime that evening, I thought it would be a marvelous idea to have a service for college kids with hangovers. They could call and someone would deliver aspirin, chicken noodle soup and a beverage. A non-alcoholic beverage. The customer could also specify whether they wanted a grandma type figure or a nurse with a figure.

Obviously, this idea may need some work. It makes me giggle a little bit to think about how awesome it would be if it really existed.

Undercover Rock Journalist: Wine Follies


I had some Cabernet. . . from a box . . . in a plastic cup. It needed ice because it was too warm. I added the ice but it was still terrible. What can you do? Next time, I’ll go with the white wine. Let’s hope it’s not so warm and awful. Let’s also hope it’s not from a box.


The lady in the photo and I were both at the same bar listening to local bands.This lady is what I imagine I will look like in 20 years. She even had a red purse and a funky hat like I do. She looked a little grumpy sometimes. Other times, I thought she was falling asleep. Then she got out the journals and notebooks. I suspect she was an undercover rock journalist. I have seen my future and it is this lady.