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Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

“We take them as givens – and design our lives around them.” – Barbara Sher, from “I Could Do Anything, If Only I Knew What it Was”

It took me until I was six years old to realize that sometimes you have to question authority. Questioning my parents was a daily thing. It is not easy to scrutinize what your parents do. It’s also hard to admit that they are right occasionally.
Most people trust their parents and do what they say without question. For some reason, I was not able to trust my parents completely. When you’re six, you see your parents as a package deal. So if I couldn’t trust one, I couldn’t trust the other.
When I was older, I realized that my dad was not always honest. My gut instinct told me this much earlier but I didn’t know why. You don’t always understand feelings when you’re six.
He cashed in my college funds during my sophomore year of high school. My mom was not so pleased with that decision. She was not aware until after the fact. She said that she found a receipt in the garage completely on accident.
At that time, I knew that my mom was more trustworthy that I thought. She has flaws but deceiving me was not one of them. She tried to tell me little white lies but I didn’t buy it. Easter Bunny. Santa Claus. Tooth Fairy. Lies. All lies.
Some people do take what their parents say as fact. I still think it would be wise to question everything. Find out things on your own. Decide how you want your life to be based on what you believe instead of what your parents tell you.

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  1. I very much believe in ‘question everything’, sometimes to a fault. Yet, there are times (or things) that I don’t really question. Somehow I’ve found out a lot of stuff by questioning and discovered some truths about me and others in the process! ๐Ÿ™‚

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