Make Your Bed or Not: NaBloPoMo


Do you make your bed in the morning, or do you leave it unmade all day?

Well, considering that I don’t get out of bed until late morning or early afternoon, I don’t usually make my bed.

By the time that I leave the house, it’s time for my boyfriend to come home. Sometimes he takes a nap after work. Since he gets into bed shortly after I’m getting out of bed, it doesn’t seem necessary to make the bed.

Although, if I work day shift, I make lots of beds at work. My grandma taught me well. I make a very nice bed. Young ladies these days don’t seem to get the hang of bedmaking. It could be a lost art.

I still do not make the bed because when I leave for work, my boyfriend is still in bed.

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  1. I don’t make it in the morning but I make it at night before I get back in it… I have to have straight sheets and blankets to start out with!

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