Blogger’s Dilemma: Inspiration is Calling but I don’t Want to Answer.

Like many of you writers and bloggers, I have a method to the madness. For many posts, I feel called to write. It’s sort of going with the flow. Inspiration or whatever.

What do you do when the inspiration is calling you to write about a topic that you don’t want to write about. It’s too personal, which is saying a lot because I’ve written about terribly personal stuff on this blog

On the other hand, it could be a great article. It could help a lot of people.

Still, it would be putting a lot of myself on the line. There could be repurcussions: a lot of hate mail, a lot of unfriending in real life and in the blogging world.

Maybe none of those things would happen.

What do you do when inspiration wants to go in a direction that you don’t want to go? Yet, you feel torn between writing the article and throwing it away. Do you answer the call?

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  1. sometimes I feel afraid of a possible hate comment when I’m being honest and personal in my posts. But I post it anyways. It’s my personal therapy. That’s my take. And strangely I have yet to receive hate mail (knock on wood) Yes and one never knows, if you are honest with your life, it really can speak to another who may be in your same boat.

    1. The idea came to me. . while I was driving. I was seriously shaking my head no. Like nooooo. But then again, maybe. Thanks for sharing. Opinions always welcome! πŸ™‚

  2. I usually chew on it for a while and then go ahead and write about it. I’ve had some posts in the past that caused me to be a bit nervous when I hit that publish button, but, so far, people have always been positive and supportive. I don’t think I’ve lost any blog friends for being open…I hope you don’t either!

  3. So interesting you posted this today- I was writing a song earlier and the lyrics kept going ‘too personal’ and I was trying to force them into something else because of fear of being too open. I have not been able to find new ones and the same sentences keep going around my head. You posting this has made me feel braver. I like how you see it as ‘inspiration calling you to write’. I’m going to let myself put the words I hear to paper. Thank you for the kick!

  4. I have a developmentally disabled brother in law and I would like to blog more about him – but I also have relatives who read the blog. Not that I would post anything hateful or critical but it just makes me think twice. I do self censor.

  5. I used to shy away from it. Now though, I’ve made a public (via the blog of course) commitment to myself to write about things that are pressing to me as well. Let’s see how that goes this year! πŸ™‚

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