Favorite Fairy Tale: Snow White

snowwhite evilqueen

What is your favorite fairy tale?

It’s so difficult to choose one that is the fairest in the land. However, my favorite fairy tale is “Snow White.” Even with all of the snow and disgust with just about anything related to snow, I still like “Snow White.”

Who wouldn’t like Snow White? She’s kind and generous. She picks up after all seven of the dwarves – Grumpy too. Animals flock to hear her sing. Incredible. Snow White is just an all-around lovely person.

What? It’s just a story. I totally knew that. I know she’s not real. That would be silly.

My kids keep trying to get rid of this doll. I’m always trying to get them to put old toys in the Goodwill box. I just can’t let this one go. Why is it the only one that makes it to the giveaway box? It’s my favorite one. I’ve taken the doll and hidden it away along with the Abby Cadaby doll that no one likes but me.

The Snow White ride at Disneyland terrified me though. I think I might have broken my mom’s bra strap from holding on to her for dear life. That evil queen is scary.

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