Reflection: #fmsphotoaday


It’s not what I planned but it might be better. Life is good.

Photo A Day | Week Nine | February/March

My Sun and Stars loves Beer


The rumor is that Jason Momoa wants to start a brewery in Detroit. Can it be true? Could my sun and stars really be so close? Detroit isn’t that far – only an hour and a half. Maybe two hours.

I could commute.

I could learn about beer and breweries.

I can keep dreaming.

Aquaman will be out soon enough. Plus, Momoa will be at the Indianapolis Comic Book Convention in March. My chances of meeting him are pretty good, especially if I do a photo op.

This print is by Ephrem Rokk. You can find him on Instagram

This is the article about the Detroit brewery and my sun and stars.

Okay, he’s not my real sun and stars. However, my actual and factual sun and stars could be talked into going on a brewery tour and a comic book convention, which is one of the reasons that he is my sun and stars.


Recipe Schmecipe: NaBloPoMo

Have you ever made up your own recipe? Tell us about it.

I don’t think I have made up my own recipe – At least, not one worth repeating. It’s just a coincidence that I’m cooking today. Sorry kids. Mom has to be the cook today. Lucas is suffering from cooking too much. He suggested that I could use the crockpot with a high percentage of success.

So I found a crockpot recipe for spaghetti. I am really good at finding recipes but not so good at executing the recipe. Executing isn’t the right word because I do destroy or annihilate the recipe. I’ll be over here thinking of a better word, while I’m trying not to destroy spaghetti. You wonder, “Who can destroy spaghetti?” Me. I can.

Oh my glob. I’ve ruined it already. It only took ten minutes to annihilate the spaghetti. It’s like spaghetti apocalypse around here.

I think my spaghetti looks better. It’s probably because my noodles look really cool. Imagine me saying it with a British accent, “Really cool.” Let’s hope saying it with an accent makes it taste better.


Julia Child is British. Let’s watch a video of her burning food just because it sounds like fun. I can relate.

On a side note, here’s a video about British accents vs. American accents

Shoutout to my Gnomies: 20 New Followers/Followees


On the second page of my blog, there is a list of blogs that I follow. I add new ones on a regular basis because I want my newsfeed to be really interesting. I’m not sure if WordPress listens to my requests for following new-to-me blogs. Its seems like my newsfeed just has the same five blogs. Maybe I just look at the wrong time, except that I look all of the time.

I just want to say hello to some of the new blogs that I’ve been following if I haven’t before. You should check them out.

They are epic. They are the stuff legends are made of: Awesomeness.

1. The Persephone Perspective. She travels everywhere and blogs about it. I want to be her someday.

2. The Chosen One. Art and Photography

3. Misunderstood. Photography & poetry. Great blog name. I was going to use it for my Roller Derby name.

4. Suyash Chopra. Photography.

5. My Two Sentences. Writing posts in two sentences. Genius.

6. On the Heath

7. My Sweet Delirium


8. Stacy Alexander Arte California

9. Epiphanies & Peas

10. Arwenaragornstar: A French Girl’s musings

11. Megan has OCD. I hope this list doesn’t drive her crazy. I promise not to come over and move all of your Pez dispensers so they face the wrong direction.

12. Mad Movie Ranter/That Movie Writer Guy. He might be my new BFF. He is that awesome.

13. The Cool Muse. Art

14. Brain Snorts. Just reading the name made me snort. Does that happen to anyone else?

15. Beauty. Love. Photography.

16. Shielalala on the move.

17. Digital hegemon

18. Source of Inspiration

19. Bookshelf Battle

20. The Realm of the Chaos Fairy. Why do I want to live here in the realm of the chaos fairy? It doesn’t sound so bad.

Favorite Fairy Tale: Snow White

snowwhite evilqueen

What is your favorite fairy tale?

It’s so difficult to choose one that is the fairest in the land. However, my favorite fairy tale is “Snow White.” Even with all of the snow and disgust with just about anything related to snow, I still like “Snow White.”

Who wouldn’t like Snow White? She’s kind and generous. She picks up after all seven of the dwarves – Grumpy too. Animals flock to hear her sing. Incredible. Snow White is just an all-around lovely person.

What? It’s just a story. I totally knew that. I know she’s not real. That would be silly.

My kids keep trying to get rid of this doll. I’m always trying to get them to put old toys in the Goodwill box. I just can’t let this one go. Why is it the only one that makes it to the giveaway box? It’s my favorite one. I’ve taken the doll and hidden it away along with the Abby Cadaby doll that no one likes but me.

The Snow White ride at Disneyland terrified me though. I think I might have broken my mom’s bra strap from holding on to her for dear life. That evil queen is scary.