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Comic Con Activities: For Those Interested in Cosplay, Speed Dating and Kate Beckinsdale



If I were single, I would take advantage of all of the Cosplay workshops so that I could prepare for the Sci-fi speed dating session and photo ops. Kate Beckinsdale would be my #1 choice for photo ops this year. John Barrowman is a close second.

First, I would attend the workshop with cosplayer Britt Bliss called “How to Draft and Underbust Corset.” It’s for anyone interested in learning how to make their own corset. Anything that will help make you look good in your photo op with Kate Beckinsdale is worth your time.

Then  it’s time  to decide between going to the “Working with Worbla” Coplay workshop with Mogchelle for making your own armor. I’m not even sure what worbla is so maybe I’ll check out the speed dating session. (FYI:  After googling, I discovered that worbla is not a sci-fi character.)

There are speed dating sessions for the LGBTPQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Pansexual and Queer/Questioning) community. I don’t fit into that category but I might stick around to make some new friends. Another speeding dating session will be held later in the day.

What do you do if you love cosplay but you’re broke? Attend the Cosplay on a budget workshop with Knightmage. He has some amazing costumes. His Spawn costume is beyond gorgeous. It’s ridiculous how much it blows my mind. Check out some of his pictures here:



If you’re a geek girl, like me, then you might enjoy the Geek Girl Brunch. There are probably refreshments and maybe you can make some friends that like the same geeky stuff that you do. Besides, you will need to build your strength for the  . . . . Q & A session with Kate Beckinsdale.


This could be you! By the way, check out that corset.



Wizard World: Columbus

Q Hayashida: A to Z Challenge

This post is not an interview. I repeat: not an interview. I did post a link to an actual interview with Q Hayashida.

I’m still amazed that there is a female comic book artist  with a name that starts with the letter Q. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Q Hayashida is a Japanese artist known mostly for her series, Dorohedoro. Her work is gritty and brilliant. Even the illustrations of zombies are beautiful.


art by Q Hayashida



Q Hayashida’s blog

Interview with Q Hayashida

Megan Madrigal: A to Z Challenge


When I saw Megan Madrigal’s Twitter handle, Zombie Teddie, I knew that I wanted to interview her. I didn’t know who or what Zombie Teddie was but the name was intriguing. Megan is also intriguing. She is a mystery – at least as far as finding a picture of her. I cannot find one. My sleuthing skills aren’t what they used to be. So we’ll let her interview and art speak for themselves.


What was the first thing that you were proud of drawing/writing?

Can’t remember, when I started drawing I drew a bunch of Sonic the hedgehog fanart and oc’s so it must’ve been something like that! Oooh man that was embarrassing.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on 2 short stories for an anthology some friends & I are putting together(Crimson Sun Arts!). Also really excited to work with the lovely Ashley Rubay(@mzrubay), putting together a web comic about a kid who has this power to speed up and slow down time, yet can’t control it for the life of him.

Who is your favorite female superhero/villain/comic book character?

Raven from Teen Titans! I loved watching the show so much and I loved reading stories with her in comics. She’s also so much fun to draw since she has so many looks 😀

Do you think people expect a certain type of art from you since you are female?

I’ve never really given that much thought, but I do think a certain time of art is expected from women. If you’re a woman artist I think you’re more expected to draw in cutesy styles or not draw a lot of gore, etc. (This is not always the case of course!). I fortunately avoid this online by just using my alias “ZombieTeddie”. It’s not like I hide it anyway, its just not the first thing people see lol

How often do you go to comic book conventions? Do you enjoy conventions?

I wanna say at least 1 every 3 months? I absolutely love cons, the atmosphere is so much fun! Not to mention I get to get my hands on new merch and discover fantastic artists I hadn’t heard about before.

Who has influenced you the most as an artist?
I can’t really choose a specific artist that’s inspired me, rather there have been several throughout the years, even my own friends. For me, I get inspired by random artists online. Currently I’m getting into digital painting so I follow more digital painters, like Artgerm. When I work more on comics I enjoy looking at stuff by Heather Campbell(Makanidot), Babs Tarr, & Kris Anka!

Introvert or Extrovert?

Introvert most definitely. Although I love conventions I can only take so many at a time, I can barely stand talking to people on the phone. Sorry grandma.

Where do you find your inspiration?

From a bunch of different places, the most from my friends however. I’m able to draw socially with them and bounce off ideas, ask what works and what doesn’t. Also when I’m really digging certain music it gets my creative thoughts flowing!

What do you do if you have writer’s block?

I usually step back and work on something else, I do it for artist’s block too! I do a bunch of crafting so that tends to help, or even reading comics or watching some Netflix. Helps you see how other people write and create.

Have you had an interesting or awkward experiences since you’ve been an artist?

My whole life is an awkward experience, haha. What’s sticking out right now is, when I was selling at a convention last year. I got asked to do a commission from an artist who’s work I love!!

Beverage of choice?

Tea or iced coffee!

When was the last time that you dressed up for Halloween?

2014! Really pushing it with the trick or treating that year lol, its free candy though!!

What do you want people to know about you?

Damn that’s tough, I guess that I’m always willing to talk about art? That and I love cats. Yes. (and I’m love to do art trades!)

Zombie Teddie on Twitter

Zombie Teddie


T-Shirts are My Favorite



Teeconomist sent this to me. My middle kid has her eye on it. She will be  trying to borrow it soon. It must be cool enough. You can find your own cool t-shirt at the following link. They have tons of nerdy shirts for your enjoyment. Personally, I like the designs by Poofette.

The shirt been washed several times. The design hasn’t faded yet so that’s a definite plus. I’m also very excited that it hasn’t shrunk either. However, my kid is still hoping that it shrinks.


Designs by Poofette




*I received the t-shirt from Teeconomist in exchange for blogging about their t-shirts.

Interview with Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean
Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean’s lead singer, Joel Quartuccio, has one of the most stellar beards that I’ve ever seen. Beneath the beard is an intriguing man in a really badass band. Members of this mind-blowing band are: Quartuccio – Unclean vocals, spoken vocals; Tyler Ross – Lead guitar, backing vocals; Ralph Sica – Bass; Michael McGough – Rhythm guitar, clean vocals; and Connor Denis – Drums.

Being As An Ocean released their self-titled album in June. If they are in the area, you should definitely go to their show. It will be worth the trip. In fact, I wish that I could follow them around on tour. Seeing them play live would never get old.

On a side note, when we saw them on Warped Tour, Joel touched my boyfriend’s face. After that the boyfriend walked around in a daze for an hour. He said he was not possessed or affected in any way but I’m not so sure.
The band’s name is derived from the following quote from Gandhi: “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

1. The origin of the band name is really cool. Have you ever lost faith in humanity?

Joel Q: I have, but never completely. There are times when the world can seem so dark and bleak to each one of us, when we witness injustice or when we are the victims of it, and it is only natural to feel as if our belief in the goodness of humanity has been bruised. But it is worth saying that all of the good outweighs the bad. There are many more redemptive things about the qualities of humanity than bad, if we allow those things to grow in our character and us, as people, so we can never lose hope in it, not completely. There is always hope for better, to be better.

2. I know you guys were really busy this past summer. Did you enjoy Warped Tour?
Joel Q: We had an absolute blast. We have fallen in love with the “traveling circus/camp” feel of it all, and the shows have been more incredible than we could have asked for. Not to mention some of our best friends from the road are playing our same stage; every day it feels more and more like family. There are so many incredible acts playing this year, we are just honored to be apart of it all and are enjoying it immensely.
3. Who was your favorite band on Warped Tour?
Joel Q: On our stage: it would have to be a toss up between Hundredth and ’68. Sick shows every day. And not on our stage: although they were only on the tour for a very short while, Motion City Soundtrack was like a kid’s dream come true for me to watch (they were perfect) and PVRIS  played some truly incredible shows. Smashing it.
4. Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the people at the shows?
Joel Q: There are definitely times when I can feel overwhelmed, but I know myself well enough to know when I need to just excuse myself, recharge.

5. Is there anywhere on the planet that you haven’t toured yet?
Joel Q: We still have never toured a lot of Asia or any of South America, but we hope to start checking some of that stuff off our list very shortly.
6. Who influences you on a regular basis?
Joel Q: One of my favorite bands of all time, mewithoutYou has consistently put out records that have affected me to the core since I first heard [A–>B] Life. Their masterfully spun lyrics and poetry have always left me feeling contemplative, introspective and the music, as a whole, has continuously been a very special spiritual experience.
7. What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band?
Joel Q: I would have loved to go to school to become a psychologist or an English teacher, and who knows, maybe someday I will, a lot of life to live yet.
8. Do you believe that if the music is too loud that you’re too old?
Joel Q: Haha. As much as the lost boy in me says, yes, the physical reality of ringing ears says, no. If I didn’t wear earplugs a good percent of the time, my hearing would be even worse than it already is at 24.
9. Do you have any advice for people who want to start a band?
Joel Q: Make sure that the people in your band/group are all of a similar mind where the project is concerned. Similar dreams and goals let a team thrive and being a band is a team sport. You need to rely on those other 4 guys in a lot of life on the road/as a band. But if you can find that team, it is and can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do with your time, especially if you are truly passionate about music.
10. Is there anyone that you’d like to share the stage with?
Joel Q: It would be a huge dream of mine to play with mewithoutYou or Sigúr Rós in any capacity. I think I could die happy.
11. Do you have anything weird in your contract rider?
Joel Q: Actually our rider wouldn’t surprise anyone or raise any eyebrows. Raw garlic and ginger, maybe, just in case someone starts getting sick in any way.
HP: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.
Joel Q: Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat. Much Love.

Artists and Fans: #NaBloPoMo

Do you think artists should connect with their fans via social media or leave up the wall between performer and audience?

Personally, I think that it is the artist’s choice. If they are not comfortable with interacting with fans then they should keep it to a minimum.

I love it when I hear from people that I admire on Twitter or Facebook; however, the interactions are genuine. Who wants their favorite celebrity to act fake when they are talking you one on one? No one does. Fake is just icky.

Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.
Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.

This guy from Miss May I keeps it pretty real. He was so nice about signing my pink autograph book. He even commented on how many signatures are in it. At last count, I think there are at least 25 but I’ve had it since 1983.

Oh My Glob: #VansWarpedTour2015

I am so sore right now. It’s all I can do to type. Warped Tour wore me out. It was totally worth every aching muscle.

Only complaint: the price for food was a sin. I paid $9 for a $2 hot dog. I felt cheated and robbed. However, I was starving so I chose to be cheated and robbed. Disgusting prices.

Here are some pictures of Lucas and I at Warped Tour. There are more but I need a nap and Tylenol. So I will be working on more photos later. I also forgot that Facebook owns whatever I post so I will be deleting photos.

P.S. I did not tell any of the bands that I’ve interviewed that it was me, except Koji. I was just a fangirl all day and it was awesome!

We found Waldo right away. :)
We found Waldo right away. 🙂
I found Koji! :) He is awesome! One person can make a difference.
I found Koji! 🙂 He is awesome! One person can make a difference.
Lucas is living the dream. He is also sad that we missed Beartooth.
Melting while waiting in line
Melting while waiting in line
Say We Can Fly and I
Say We Can Fly and I. Braden Barrie. My kid loves him.
Alvarez Kings. I'm in the middle.
Alvarez Kings. I’m in the middle with the knee-highs.
Alvarez Kings had the best sign. :)
Alvarez Kings had the best sign. 🙂
Attilla. After the mosh circle.
Attilla. After the mosh circle.
Waiting in line again.
Waiting in line again.
New Years Day and I
Ashley Costello of New Years Day and IVans Warped Tour
Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.
Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.
Being As An Ocean. This might be the happiest I’ve ever been.

For anyone going to Warped Tour, check out Warped 101 on their site. Very useful information on what to bring and what to leave home.

Also, I was just telling someone that the bands have times listed for signing autographs. Most bands are pretty cool about signing autographs and taking pictures.

Last tip: get there when the doors open. Bands start right away. Grab a schedule. It really did help us plan our day.

If We Were Having Coffee: ThunderCougarFalconHawk, Michael Jackson & Free Comic Book Day

If we were having coffee, I would

  • Want tell you all about the interview that I just did with ThunderCougarFalconHawk. But it will have to wait a few more days. I will just say that they are awesome, maybe even more awesome than awesome- on CD or at a live show.


You can find them here:

  • Tell you about the local music/clothing store that had Michael Jackson Day for no reason. Just because. They had cookies and mixtapes. It was like the old days. Kids just don’t get excited about video premieres, like we did when “Thriller” was on Mtv for the first time.
  • I may have wanted to do the dance when “Thriller” was playing. You know the one. I’ll be over here practicing for next year.
  • And I went to Free Comic Book Day. By myself. No entourage aka my boyfriend and kids. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It was kind of lonely. And I forgot to wear the tiara. It all worked out fine. I did get a nice print of Princess Leia. Not the slavegirl Princess Leia. The other one.
  • My hair isn't long enough yet. :) Next year for sure.
    My hair isn’t long enough yet. 🙂 Next year for sure. My boyfriend giggles every time he walks past. Next year, maybe less giggling. 🙂
  • P.S. I’m also finished with the A to Z Challenge. I’m really quite pleased with my posts. I’m also pleased that I found a band that starts with Q.

Road Trip to Comic Con: Three Fangirls and One Guy

The one guy is not a fanboy. We love him anyway. He is irreplaceable. (He drives and doesn’t panic.)

The road trip to Indiana was pretty successful. The kids only had one elbowing altercation. There was plenty of bickering but it was awesome because they were talking to each other. I didn’t bring the car charger on purpose. I knew that the devices would all lose their charge. The kids would have to acknowledge each other at some point.

Of course, this plan backfired when my phone went dead just as I needed the GPS. However, it made for a good adventure. My boyfriend didn’t think so at the time. He really did not see the beauty in the moment.

It was foggy. It was late. It had been a five hour drive with three tired kids without WiFi or a charger. My teenager thought she would literally die without WiFi. We assured her that she would not literally die and that it was more of an inconvenience rather than a life or death situation.

Yes. I did take a picture of them in the backseat. I think they were braiding each others hair. Kind of awesome, right?