Three Fangirls and One Guy Made it to Indiana Comic Con

We made it to the Indiana Comic Con – finally. All of the cosplayers were very cool about taking pictures with us. Mostly cosplayers are pretty cool with the picture taking. It’s how they roll.

There were so many that I didn’t get to take a picture of but I would’ve been there all day. Little Sister #2 only lasts a few hours at big events. She get overwhelmed but she does like the costumes, especially Poison Ivy. I think I saw about four Poison Ivy’s. This Poison Ivy that we are pictured with had the best outfit. She was super sweet.

Next year, both she and Little Sister #1 want to dress up. They asked several times if this was possible. It is totally possible.

I had my picture taken with Jason Momoa. It was awesome. He was awesome and very tall.

The line was not so awesome. In fact, it was a little chaotic. The volunteer started a second line so no one knew where they were going. The powers that be just seemed to lose control of the situation. The lines for photo ops are something they should think about in advance.

Indiana Comic Con did have a nice area for kids. I don’t think Ohio Comic Con had one last year. Little Sister #2 spent a lot of time in the hall at Ohio Comic Con. She just needs to run free. She did enjoy the kid’s area at this event quite a bit.

I met Thom Zahler, who I had an interview with not too long ago. He was also very kind to my children and I. I bought a print for Little Sister #2, even though she was running free in the hall.

Since I was trying to keep track of the kids, I didn’t meet as many comic book artists as normal. I did get a few business cards. I’ve been looking up many of them online after the fact.

I was sad to leave but we’ll be to more conventions. Don’t tell Lucas. He needs time to recover from this one. I have a feeling I will be going solo to the next one. Our GPS was a filthy liar and took us into a parking garage.

P.S. I think I would love to be a cosplay photographer. I could totally do it. If only I knew some cosplayers. I didn’t think of this idea until we were driving home. It could be all kinds of awesome.

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  1. My son and his friend went and were beyond thrilled to meet Jason Momoa. This was their first Indiana comic con and they had a great time – love your pics!

    1. Thanks! I was also thrilled to meet him! I don’t look like it but I didn’t have my glasses on for the picture. I could still see him & that is what mattered. lol
      Glad your son & friend had a good time. πŸ™‚

  2. Y’all look like you had a great time, and those are great pictures. Y’all so definitely dress up! Dressing up is half the fun!

    I love cons. We had Nekocon when we lived in Va Beach, and the kidlings used to just walk over to it — we had to buy the tickets way in advance of course, but at least we didn’t have to worry about hotel rooms! I actually never went to Nekocon, that was the kidlings’ thing… But the hubs and I went to Dragon*Con over in Atlanta, GA for our honeymoon. We drove there from NM! It was a blast! I just found out that Emerald City Comicon is this weekend, and of course it’s WAY too late to get passes. Sigh, but there’s always next year, right?

  3. I just want to say it was nice taking my pic with you guys. I was Poison Ivy and it was my first time cosplaying. It was so much fun and hope to do it again next yr.

    1. It was your first time?! I can’t believe it. πŸ˜‰ You were the best Poison Ivy! I saw about 4 different Poison Ivy πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking your picture with us!! Hope to see you again next year!

  4. I love how cosplay is Women can dress up as guy characters and men as women. Cosplay is so free and let u be who u are.

    1. I totally agree! πŸ™‚ I dressed up like Wonder Woman’s mom ( she doesn’t really exist so much. I just made it up.) I dressed up the kid like Wonder Woman. It was a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m a guy and think I had some people fooled when I went as Poison Ivy. That wasn’t meant to be just wanted to cosplay for the first time and see how I liked it.

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