If we were having coffee: Migraines and Sailor Moon


Today could have been fun, except for the migraine. The event would have just been too bright and happy. All of the Sailor Moons in one room would have just been . . . . well, it would probably be awesome and yet too much for me today.

It was a big no on going to that event. I was going to drive to Bowling Green and take some pictures at the anime convention.

migraines and sailor moon

The people in charge also emailed me at 2 a.m. to say that I couldn’t bring any major camera equipment. 2 a.m. Just in time for the second round of migraine city.

In the last migraine post, someone gave me some good advice about the cold cloth on the back of the neck. It did help. Thank you! 😉

I also applied to go take photographs at the anime convention in Sandusky this summer. I might even dress up like someone. Maybe Toadette from Super Mario Brothers. I already have hat shaped like a mushroom. What about Sailor Moon? We love Sailor Moon.

I also have something in the works for photos of drag queens and/or kings because why not?!

After the migraine went away, I did go to the store and buy a New York Yankees beanie. I bought a pink one for me plus a black one that my teenager will “borrow.”

Earlier in the week, my boyfriend and I went to the Iprevail show in Cleveland. I’ll do a separate post because it was sooo awesome.

And I also have another edition of Destino’s Black & White Photo Challenge that people are welcome to join. The theme this week is “Friends.”



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  1. I hate migraines with a fiery hot passion that will never die. I hate them so much that I went on and elimination diet to find out my triggers and eliminated those triggers from my diet. Divorcing my first husband also helped. Ha! But I still get them… because my allergies trigger them. *sigh* It’s not fair!!! >>shakes fist futilely at the sky<<

    Glad yours is gone for now. Sorry that you get them at all. But know that you're not alone in suffering. ^_^

    As for Sailor Moon. My middle child, oldest niece, and my bff are all Moonies. They're all super excited about the reboot of Sailor Moon. I keep threatening to lock them all in a room for two weeks with the manga, the series and all of the movies just to see who will come out alive. Because, you know, Moonies can get serious about their Sailor Scouts. Ha! I never got into Sailor Moon myself, but they are fierce in their loyalty.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraine (I hate those!) and stuff you missed out on.
    Now I have the Sailor Moon song in my head, yes, sigh, I still know the words. 😉

  3. Love that mug! So sorry for the migraine and it interfering with your plans, been there before many times. I usually stick my head in the freezer and breathe in the cold air. sounds a little crazy but it helps a little. I will probably be doing that in a little while as I feel one coming on. Feel better and thanks for the coffee!

  4. Hope you can figure out the migraine issue. I dealt with them for several years until suddenly they stopped. Of course, I traded them for other crap and lots of pills but at least I can go outside on sunny days.
    I missed the Sailor Moon phase with my kids. I guess boys just aren’t into her. But at least I recognize her name.
    My kids are still borrowing stuff from me!
    Have a good week

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