I Should Be Sleeping but Noooooo . . . .

I’m not sleeping. I will really regret this in about 6 hours when I really have to get out of bed. For real.

Why do I do this? I blame all of my sleeping issues on boxing movies, musicals and underdog movies. This time it was “The Hurricane.” It’s been over for an hour since it ended.

Yet, I can’t help thinking about it or how I could do a post about it or about the actual Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter.

Then I made the mistake of looking him up on the Internet. Darn it. He passed away last year. I think I knew but blocked it out of my memory.

I actually found an article that said he was guilty and blah blah blah. It was ridiculous.

I want to read his book, “The 16th Round: From Number One Contender to Number 45472. Not today but sometime after I get through today.


My boyfriend bought me this drink once because he knows I love this movie. If I had one right now, I could sleep through a hurricane. I don’t think the actual Hurricane drank alcohol. Now I’m officially obsessing.


I didn’t even finish it. I’m a lightweight drinker.Thanks for listening and good night!

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