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5 Post-Apocalyptic Movies on Netflix


I love post-apocalyptic movies. Unfortunately, not everyone in my house wants to watch everything related to the apocalypse like I do. I might be watching too many of them lately because that feeling that we’re not prepared for living off the grid is taking up space in my brain. Is it paranoia or just wanting to be ready? 

Anyway, I’ve listed a few fairly decent post-apocalyptic movies without zombies that are on Netflix. 

Children of Men

In the year 2027, no one is having children. It’s been 18 years since the last child was born. Theo (Clive Owen) is entrusted with escorting a very pregnant Kee ( Claire-Hope Ashitey) to a safe place. But who can they trust? As far as I could tell – only Jasper (Michael Caine) is trustworthy.

Into the Forest

After their father dies, two sisters – Nell and Eva -are alone in their house in the woods. They have to figure out how to survive when the world as they know it is ending. The electricity is out. The food and gas are almost gone. The house is falling apart. This is the movie that inspired me to look up how to live off of the grid. They do alright until a few unexpected things happen.

The Road

I read the book also. When you see it play out in the movie, the story seems so much darker and depressing. It is probably close to what would actually happen in an apocalypse. It is a good book and movie. 

The Survivalist

The Survivalist doesn’t say much – not even his own name. He’s living alone in a remote cabin in the woods. Two ladies arrive at his cabin and he is less than welcoming. Can you blame him though? He doesn’t know if they are going to steal his food or kill him. Of course, he’s right not to trust them. They are plotting against him the whole time but nothing goes the way anyone expects.  

The Rover

A group of thieves steal Eric’s (Guy Pierce) car. Most people would have given up on getting the car back but not Eric. He goes through hell and kills a lot of people to get this car. You’ll probably wonder why he would do all of this for a piece of crap car. Just watch it. All will be revealed. 

Favorite Halloween Movies: #blogtober16 


This is a list of my favorite Halloween movies. Happy Halloween!

Top ten Halloween movies
1. Hocus Pocus
2. Sleepy Hollow
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Beetlejuice
5. Practical Magic
6. The Addams Family
7. Carrie
8. Young Frankenstein
9. Haunted Honeymoon
10. Hotel Transylvania


Inspiration: Movies, Cooking & Surfing




For the last month, maybe two months, I have been rather uninspired. I have been in the valley (aka the pits of despair) with this guy  . . .


Not really. I haven’t even been to a literal valley. For Pete’s sake, I haven’t even been to Cleveland for several months.  I’ve mostly been going to the library and watching movies.

In the last two months, I’ve probably watched at least 50 movies. 50 is the low estimate. There were good movies, bad movies, movies that made me fall asleep – I’m talking to you “Inception.” It would be great to stay awake and watch Tom Hardy but all of those people sleeping makes me sleepy.

However, there have been two movies that I’ve watched this week that have been fairly inspiring.

When I rented “Chasing Mavericks,” I didn’t know that it was based on the true story of Jay Moriarity. I won’t tell you what happens. I will tell you that it makes me want to get off of the couch and go surfing. I’m from Ohio. I’ve never even touched a surfboard. It’s possible that I’ve not even seen a surfboard in person. That’s not the point. The point is that I need to get out there and do stuff again. It’s not that I want to surf the Mavericks but I want to learn the basics. Small waves are better than no waves.

Would I rather waste time being a couch potato or learn to surf and maybe meet some sharks. If I came face to face with a shark, I would at least have a story to tell. Probably. I mean, after I kick the shark in the face. Then it can be storytime.


The second movie was “Julie & Julia.” I totally relate to Julie. She’s in a rut and then she starts to blog. I’m a blogger and currently in a rut. (My grandma blamed being in a rut on drinking too much soda. It turns out that she was right.)


Anyway, as many of you know, I’m a terrible cook. It’s more than just being terrible, I’m afraid of cooking or rather afraid of the rejection and disgust from listening to people complain about my cooking. I’ve gotten back into the kitchen for short periods of time – only out of necessity.

My mom says that I’m an avoider of difficult subjects. When I was a kid, I used to take naps to avoid life. Now, I just outright avoid the kitchen, except for doing dishes and making coffee. Sometimes, I pour cereal for the kids. I have offered to make them food but they almost laugh me out of the room, like “Yeah, no thanks mom. We’d like to live another day.”

I don’t want to be this person that avoids scary things, like cooking and sharks. I want to get out of this rut. Getting back into the kitchen might be part of the ticket. Today, I found a Chinese cookbook in the kitchen. It must be my boyfriend’s – my cookbooks are usually called, “Quick & Easy” and “Oops.” The cookbook is very zen. I need some zen cooking and surfing lessons. It has got to be better than hanging out in the pits of despair.



#WeekendCoffeeShare: Top 3 things


I have watched a ton of movies. Just this weekend: The Trouble with the Curve. Guardians of the Galaxy. Into the Woods. Warrior. The second season of True Blood.
Plus, I am almost finished reading “Go Set a Watchman.”


I have done my nails a lot. #Nailjedi


My boyfriend found soy peanut butter. I guess it’s not peanut butter. It’s like soy butter. It tastes better than it sounds.

Darth Vader’s Influence on Music: Star Wars Dubstep is a Thing


When you think Darth Vader, you think music, right? Okay, maybe not exactly. You probably think of James Earl Jones and joining the dark side.

Half of the people on the planet have probably done an impression of Darth Vader saying, “Luke, I am your father.” The other half are either in denial or honestly haven’t watched “Star Wars.”

I know . . . who hasn’t seen “Star Wars” ? Great-grandmas and people who don’t enjoy movies or entertainment or fun. My grandma never watched “Star Wars.” However, she did keep those “Star Wars” from McDonald’s at her house for when I visited.

How many characters have their own theme music? I don’t think anyone has a theme song quite as memorable as Darth Vader’s.

I found four music videos that each take a different approach to the “Imperial March.” The Prague Orchestra looks like they are having fun.

Star Wars Dubstep – it is awesome. I just like saying Star Wars Dubstep so that’s my plan for the day – saying Star Wars Dubstep and looking for my microphone.

P.S. John Williams is the man – in a good way.

Bucket List Goal Done: Attended a Movie Premiere

I can mark another goal off of the bucket list. Lucas and I went to the premiere of “Gore Orphanage.”


We had a pretty good time. I had to haggle over a movie poster that I already paid for. So that was fun. Lucas keeps saying that I do have the ability to haggle. He might be right. See, they are signing our poster. 🙂


However, we did cut out of the meet and greet early. It worked out for us. We had some beverages and found a good parking spot.

I took some pictures at the red carpet thing. I didn’t have to elbow anybody, especially the stage moms, for a spot or anything.

Well, maybe one stage mom. (Just kidding. No elbows were thrown at this movie event.)


These are a few of the pictures that I liked the best. The other pictures that I liked have nothing to do with the movie.



Then Lucas took my picture with the director, Emily Lapisardi. She is a really nice person.


So it was a successful night for us anyway. I got to dress up and cross something off of the bucket list. Lucas saw a lot of people he knew. Plus, no one had to cook when we got home. Success!!

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Let’s Go to the Movies with Miss America edition


If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • that the job scene is promising. I’ll know more by next weekend. I’m very hopeful that by next month, I’ll be Marian the Librarian.
  • I’ve started a book. It could be good or it could suck. I’m working towards good stuff.
  • I’m still working on a few interviews. That reminds me that I have to think of more questions.
  • that Lucas & I went to the movie premiere of “Gore Orphanage.” It was fun. I will post more about it later.
  • Lucas & I waiting for things to happen.
    Lucas & I waiting for things to happen.
  • While we were at the theater, we met Jackie Mayer. She was Miss America 1963.  She is also from Sandusky, Ohio. On a side note, she is a stroke survivor and does a lot of good things to help other stroke survivors. I saw her speak when I was at Girls State . . . a long time ago.
  • missamerica1963
    Jackie Mayer and I

    Can you believe that we didn’t go to the after-party? We did not. We were starving and didn’t think our chances of getting food was very good. So we went somewhere else where our luck with getting the right food was pretty bad. They served me his super spicy chicken We didn’t know until after I send the super spicy chicken back. I don’t like having the allergic reaction thing happen in public. It’s kind of embarrassing. And you know, the whole not being able to breathe for a minute is no fun.

  • The waiter wanted to blame me but my boyfriend was like “Dude, you gave us the wrong plates.” The waiter didn’t listen and still tried to reprimand me. He probably didn’t think I was the one doing the tipping. He is sooo lucky because Lucas would not have tipped him.
  • He also gave Lucas the wrong beer. We didn’t let it go to waste. I drank half of it. It was a really, really dark beer that I would order. Lucas likes those hoppy IPA beers.
  • Anyway, that is all I have for now. I have to go work on something. There’s so much to do. Napping might be #1 thing on the to-do list today. Then question brainstorming.

P.S. The newest Black & White Photo Challenge is Chaos. So if you’re interested in taking some chaotic black and white photos, you can link up here!


Interview with Emily Lapisardi, Gore Orphanage Director


In exactly one month, “Gore Orphanage” will be premiering at the Sandusky State Theater.

Emily Lapisardi, the director, agreed to answer some questions about how she chose to direct this movie. Lapisardi is really a fascinating person. She has accomplished so much in her life. I am truly in awe of her.

You are an accomplished dancer and musician. How did you transition into directing a horror movie?

I had worked as the music supervisor on Cody Knotts’s Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, which is a horror-comedy, and had also played the leading role in a Civil War docudrama some years ago, so I was not unfamiliar with the process of film production.  Gore Orphanage was initially my idea—Cody loved it and wanted to produce the film, but asked me to direct because I am more accustomed to working with kids.  I teach voice and piano lessons, so spend an average of 20 hours a week giving kids direction of a different sort!  The story is also unusually female-centric for a horror film, so we felt it really called for a female director.

How did you learn about the story behind Gore Orphanage?

Our first exposure to Gore Orphanage was a serendipitous—one might even say fateful—sighting of a “Gore Orphanage Road” sign on the way back from a trip to Detroit.  My curiosity was immediately aroused by the name, so I looked it up on my phone and found postings about the legend, as well as some sites debunking it.  Cody and I started formulating ideas for the film in the car that day, and also subsequently researched the historical background of the Light of Hope Orphanage, the Swift Mansion, and the Collinwood School Fire (which shares quite a few similarities with the Gore Orphanage story).  As we continued to develop the project, we were also fortunate to hear a number of oral accounts from area residents.

 I read that you are involved with historical reenactments, was that skill for costuming beneficial?

It was helpful, but also somewhat frustrating, since I sometimes knew exactly what I wanted for a character’s wardrobe, but time and budget constraints necessitated other choices.  I have been presenting first-person portrayals of historical figures for museums, historical societies, festivals, and reenactments since the late 1990s, including speaking engagements for the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA and several National Park service sites.  My mother and I make all of my period attire for these portrayals, have a business called Rue de la Paix Reproductions which specializes in Civil War era clothing and accessories, and have collected antique and vintage clothing for years.  I’m always very picky and critical about period clothing in the films I watch, but working on this project has helped me realize that dressing a whole film cast in consistent and authentic period wardrobe is much more challenging than just dressing myself for my portrayals!

 Do you have any plans to direct another movie?

Not specifically at this point, but I wouldn’t rule it out.  Cody and I have a number of additional projects in the works.

 If so, will you do another horror movie?

Cody has been developing his reputation through horror films (Gore Orphanage was the fifth one he’d been involved with as producer, director, or both), but both of us have a strong desire to work in historical films as well, and we have both horror and historical projects in development at the moment.  I recently wrote a treatment for a horror film set in 1830s New England and Cody is writing the script for it now, but he’ll probably direct that one.

 Do you have any bucket list goals left?

Lots of them!  We have a script for a Civil War project which has been a long-term goal of mine and which we hope to shoot in the next couple of years, as soon as we finish securing funding.  That’s a huge bucket list item because I have such an emotional connection with the project!  I am also currently working on my Master’s degree in music, having taken a long hiatus after my bachelor’s degree, and am very much looking forward to realizing that goal. 

 Where will this movie be showing?

The premiere will be on July 11th at 7 PM at the Sandusky State Theatre, but we are also planning a limited theatrical release in other theatres in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia later this year. 

 Do you guys have any movie merchandise? I think a Gore Orphanage shirt would be really cool.

We do!  Some of the merchandise is already available at our Shopify site, http://pro-wrestlers-vs-zombies.myshopify.com/, and more items, including posters and buttons, will be available at the premiere.  The T-shirt features a fantastic and rather eerie photo of the three main child actors on the steps of the orphanage.  DVD and Blu-Ray presales are available, also, but won’t be released until after the theatrical showings.  Another really exciting product we are offering—at least for me—is the novel.  We’d developed so many backstories for the characters during production that I went back to the script afterwards and incorporated all of these details into a novel which will be available this summer.

What would you like people to know about this movie?

It’s historical fiction, not a documentary!  We’ve received a few comments from people who don’t seem to understand that what we’ve done is to take the fundamental aspects of the Gore Orphanage story and shape them into a work of fiction which explores themes that are fundamentally part of being human—the delicate business of raising children well, the consequences of the breakdown of support networks for lost and abandoned kids, and the ancient and powerful symbolism of fire to both cleanse and destroy.  Gore Orphanage is not an overtly bloody, jump-scare heavy type of horror film, but instead is creepy, a little disturbing, and psychological—more along the lines of Hitchcock’s films and Argento’s Suspiria than Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

 You are directing your husband, as well, as yourself, was that difficult? Or was it pretty routine stuff?

I wasn’t originally supposed to be in the film, but the actress who was cast to be Nellie’s stepmother had to cancel and I fit in the dress, so I stepped in!  I don’t want to spoil the story, but my on-camera time in that role was pretty minimal, so it wasn’t too much of a challenge.  Cody’s role is also essentially a cameo, but we had some in-depth conversations about the background of the Delivery Man, whom he plays, and decided he was an eastern European immigrant.  Having trained as a ballet dancer with several Russian teachers, I then had to do dialog coaching with him since this wasn’t an accent he could already do—this was probably the biggest challenge of directing him, since we not only had to work on what he was doing visually, but also on delivering the lines with the accent.

Let’s Do a Quiz: Gore Orphanage

There are 40 days until the Gore Orphanage movie premiere. So why not take a quiz? We’ve got time, right? I am totally guilty of taking quizzes to see which character I would be.


Apparently, I am Miss Lillian. Is that good or bad? I’m not sure. I do know that I love that black and red dress. Being bad might be worth having an awesome wardrobe.

I do need something to wear to the movie premiere. I have 40 days to figure it out where to get a dress as fabulous as Miss Lillian’s dress.