Dear McDonald’s . . .

Are sex offenders allowed in the play area of your restaurants?

I didn’t even think about this until today. When I saw someone that is a registered sex offender in the play area, I wasn’t sure how to react. This person was there with a child, who may or may not have been his child. I’m not writing this in order to bring attention to this particular sex offender. I just want to know if it would be possible to have rules for adults in the play area.

It wasn’t that I thought he was going to do something terrible. However, I am not above dumping my milkshake on him and screaming bloody murder.

These days you don’t know what people are going to do. If my boyfriend hadn’t been there, I really don’t know if anything awful creeps into this person’s mind. No one really knows, do they?

So it made me think that there isn’t a policy for sex offenders at McDonald’s. Or is there? There isn’t a policy posted anywhere, either in the restaurant or on your website.

It seems like there should be something in place to protect our children. I like taking my kids to McDonald’s because I thought it was safe. Now I’m not so sure.

I sent you a letter also. I hope to hear from you soon.


Holley Perry

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  1. Yes, it is a scary world out there. I recently moved from Miami to Greensboro but in Miami my major concern was drive-by shootings. My family has survived five. They are so frequent some never make the news.

  2. Excellent observation. I would never had thought of this scenario and now wonder what I would have done in a similar circumstance. hmmm ponder ponder….

  3. How would they police that though? I know not all sex offenders are banned from being around children, but I am thinking you know more about this situation to know if that was likely or not.

    If you knew they should not have been around children, maybe a call to the non-emergency line for the police department?

    1. I had an idea about this. What if McDonald’s had a list of things on their wifi access page. Like a list of stuff to keep kids safe at the playground – only because not all parents know. Or a what to do list or a who to call list. Something like that maybe.

      1. That can’t hurt, right? Some parents need more reminding than others on how to watch their kids in those playplaces, if I remember correctly.

      2. Some parents are absolutely horrible. It’s worse because everyone is on their cell phones. Me too but I look up a lot just to make sure nothing crazy is going on.

      3. See, M was in the age range for those pre-Smartphone. Possibly early blackberry/pda days, but nothing so captivating like what we have access to today.

      4. Yes. I meet them sometimes. I didn’t think I was one. I might have been today. . . I might have just been freaking out on the inside.

      5. Oh, I don’t think this situation counts as over helicopter at all! Climbing up into the play equipment to make sure your baby is ok so high up (when they are 5 and not crying, just having fun) ? Little much.

      6. Oh yes. I’m not like that. I don’t climb up on the equipment. My kid would have to be hurt or crying or something. That equipment is not sturdy enough for me to get my behind to go that high.

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