April Fool’s Wedding: NaBloPoMo

Tell us about your best home-grown April Fools prank.


The best prank was not on April Fools Day. It wasn’t necessarily home-grown. It was awesome!!

My boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas. Before we left, we told our parents that we were not getting married.

So while we were in Las Vegas, we took pictures of some wedding signs and chapels. The pictures went immediately onto our Facebook pages. I think his mom called him within the hour. My mom also made some comments. One of our mothers bought into it. The other one did not.

Still, it was fun. When would we get the chance to do it again? Who knows.

I don’t think they knew if we were joking or not. I thought about trying on a wedding dress and posting that picture. We didn’t make it that far into the prank. It could have been even more fabulous. Plus, I don’t get to try on wedding dresses very often.


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