What do I know about Friendship?

How do you make a friendship grow?


I’m not the expert on friendships. I know people. It seems like I know how to not agitate people. On the other hand, I’m excellent at making people mad.

Let me make you a list of how to not agitate people that you want to keep as friends.

  1. Don’t always win at trivial pursuit.
  2. If you can’t help winning, then don’t gloat.
  3. If you can’t help gloating, then you are a jerk and don’t deserve friends yet.

I feel like I should make another list because the previous one might not not very helpful to you. However, it will be especially helpful to me. If I can talk anyone into playing trivial pursuit ever again, I will be ready to play nice. Sorry for being a jerk before, I promise I will be nicer. There will be no dancing around the table until every one is gone.

  1. Make your friends feel special. It’s not always about your issues. Sometimes it’s about them.
  2. Be honest. Don’t let them go out looking like a hot mess. If it can’t be helped, at least go out in public with them to show your support. Maybe mess up your hair a little to be even more supportive.
  3. Loyalty. Always choose your friends. Well, almost always, there are exceptions. Other people will come and go who are not really your friends. Choose wisely.

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