Drowning Pool : A to Z Challenge


Drowning Pool has been on their “Unlucky 13” Tour to promote the release of the 13th anniversary of their album, “Sinner.”

They released the song, “Soul,” in honor of their first singer, Dave Williams. Williams died in 2002 from heart failure, due to Cardiomyopathy that had not been detected.

The band also set up a fundraising campaign for the American Heart Association of Dallas, Texas. Williams was from Dallas. For a donation, contributors will receive a tribute t-shirt, like the one pictured below. The campaign closes on April 18. Time is running out to get one. Hurry!! Hurry!!

My boyfriend is going to get one for his birthday. I could buy two so we could match. Then we could wear them to the Drowning Pool show. We might look like dorks but it’s for a good cause.


Link to fundraiser website:



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