Pretending that I Drive a Fast Car and Other Things

What have you done recently to grow your imagination? If the answer is “nothing,” when did you stop trying to grow your imagination?

I’m not quite sure how to answer the question. I haven’t done anything specific to make my imagination grow. Have I?

I write down a lot of stuff. I am always thinking of something, whether it’s for this blog, music related stuff or for mommyhood things. It’s probably why I don’t sleep much. My brain is too loud.

Sometimes I think of the best ideas when I’m driving by myself or just listening to music. My boyfriend thinks I should pay more attention to the road.He might have a point. (I almost hit a semi yesterday. However, that was a vision problem rather than a daydreaming problem.)

Anyway, the trick is to see if the ideas can become a real thing. Lately, I have found that it doesn’t hurt to try.


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