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Oktane: a to z challenge

I knew I took this picture. I knewwww it. :)
I knew I took this picture. I knewwww it. 🙂

This is my boyfriend’s friend, Mike’s, band, Oktane. (Thank goodness the name starts with an O. I really needed a band that started with an O.)

They do some cover songs. I haven’t heard their original stuff yet. It could exist. They should throw an original into the setlist on a regular basis.

So why did I choose this band -besides the letter O?

This band represents all of the musicians who are out there playing whenever they can find time and a place with a few people to listen. It’s not easy being in band. They probably want to give up sometimes but they don’t quit. Who knows exactly why they don’t quit?

Here are a couple of a pictures of people enjoying their music. It’s not the same as a video. There is one that I can’t embed on here.

oktane oktane3

Here are videos of Mike’s solo stuff.

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