if we were having coffee: hula girl edition

If we were having coffee

    • I would show you pictures of the girl scout luau.
    • 001a
    • It went well until little sister didn’t get the fan that she waited sooo long for. It was sad faces and tears after that, even during the group picture. We get emotional over here.

We are learning about bouncing back after disappointment.

    • I turned into Predator when Lucas took the peanut butter. Seriously, it was ugly for about 20 minutes. No peanut butter = angry, claw faced monster.

Still trying to bounce back.

    • Grandma bought Little Sister a monkey so she was happy again.11057905_10152706846072714_8456799193577763302_n
    • We also went to a magic show, where we were all sworn to secrecy.

I can’t tell you about what bounced during the show but it was hilarious.

4 thoughts on “if we were having coffee: hula girl edition”

  1. Glad you got the peanut butter back. My hubby went through a phase of hiding the peanut butter and marmite when we first got together, normally on a high shelf I couldn’t reach.

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