Yard of Blondes Interview : A to Z Challenge

 I love the Internet. I have found some really amazing bands through social media and YouTube. Yard of Blondes band members are Vincent Walter Jacob and Fanny Hill. They make music that is worthy of a road trip and surfing. Yard of Blondes are perfect for days when you need to get away from the Internet.

The Yard of Blondes will be having a show on APRIL 30 at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. 5 dollars entrance. They’ll be playing the new songs that they are currently recording.It sounds like a great night away from the Internet to me.


Vincent was open to answering a few questions. So here is the interview that we did . . . on the Internet. Let’s pretend we’re at the beach.

1. Is the band name based on the Jeff Buckley song, “Yard of Blonde Girls” ?

I’m a huge Jeff Buckley fan and always liked his cover of Yard Of Blonde Girls ( originally by the Nymphs, a Los Angeles girl band). I also liked the ambiance of this title. Somehow, it made me think about The Virgin Suicide movie, which I like a lot. We started the band as Yard Of Blonde Girls and soon changed it to Yard Of Blondes. People always find our name funny or disturbing, which I like. Some people even think it’s about beers. Ah ah.

2. It’s interesting that you met Fanny in Los Angeles, although you are both from France. How did you meet? Are you from the same area of France?

Fanny and I moved to Los Angeles back in 2010. Fanny is from Cannes and I’m from Dijon. We didn’t know each other before moving here. I was looking to make a new band and she was on holiday when we started to create songs together. We met through a friend, who knew I was looking for a partner in crime. She’s been on holiday for 5 years now.

3. Have you been able to accomplish any of the goals that you set when you started the band?

We didn’t have much plan at the beginning. We just wanted to create songs and play them in Los Angeles. Everything that happened since is like cherry on the cake. We’ve been able to work with amazing and talented people, like Billy Graziadei from the band Biohazard, sharing the stage with Alain Johannes, who used to play in Queens Of The Stone age. We’ve been playing on great stages, being played on more than 100 radios, been able to tour back in France. A documentary about the band aired earlier this year on national French TV. This journey has been more than a dream.

4. When you started out, what was your vision of what the band would be like?

First, we wrote acoustic songs and we started playing them as a duet. But soon we wanted to have our own band. We released the Murderology EP, as a tougher, rock band. The band has always been Fanny and I creating songs together. Whatever the style, what ever the line up, we will keep doing music together like that. Our music evolves a lot with time and we’re always surprised to see the different directions we’ve taking through the years.

5. Does the band have a method to songwriting?

We work the songs as a duet and then we will think about arrangements and create demos in my home studio. After that, we will generally play with these songs with the band.

6. What do your families think of the band?

They are great supports of our art. Our families are still living in France and they’re happy about the fact that we managed to get attention from it. They encourage us to keep playing and they are our biggest fans. When we come back to France, we try to play shows, just to get them see us live. Whenever they come to LA, we try to book shows also, so they can see us in our new environnement.

7. Who has influenced you the most? Either other musicians or people in your life.

As far as I am concerned, I was always influenced by musicians who stayed true to their art, like Elliott Smith. He might be my favorite musician ever. When you listen to him, nothing is fake. His guts are talking in his songs. Regarding our songs, I’m always inspired by what I deal with in everyday’s life, mostly people or situations. Recently, I fell in love with St Vincent’s music. I really enjoy how Annie Clark created her very own musical universe.

8. Is there anyone in the music business that you would like to collaborate with?

My childhood hero is Daniel Johns from the band Silverchair. I just did a remix for one of his solo tracks and people tend to like it. https://soundcloud.com/yard-of-blondes/aerial-love-daniel-johns-yard-of-blondes-remix I wish he could produce one of our record someday.

There’s also great producers like Rick Rubin that I’d like to work with or great musicians like Josh Homme.

9. What would people be surprised to know about you?

Fanny is a master at playing the recorder: https://instagram.com/p/xAo1yULIXl/?taken-by=yardofblondes


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