Digital Girl: #NaBloPoMo

Do you still print out photos in albums or are most your photos digital?

At the moment, most of my photos are digital. I’m kind of a binge photo printer. When I have time to scrapbook, I print a lot of photos at once. In this instance,  a lot of photos would be about 100-150 pictures.

I’m way behind on scrapbooking. I am considering doing some digital scrapbooking. Has anyone ever done digital scrapbooking?

If I could find a decent place to print off pictures, that would be excellent. I haven’t been to Wal-Mart since my little incident a few months ago – not even to get my oil changed.

Has anyone had a good or bad experience with printing pictures from an online company, like Snapfish or Shutterfly?

6 thoughts on “Digital Girl: #NaBloPoMo”

  1. I have’t but if you do and it works out, please blog about it. I have only used Walmart and am way way way behind in scrapbooking. My blog is becoming my scrapbook now. Cheryl

  2. I do a bit of both – traditional scrapbooking and digital. There’s something about the texture and feel of a “real” scrapbook. I binge print too. I’ve used Shutterfly for years and am 99.9% happy with the service and products. You can order and pick up at Target/Walgreens/CVS through them as well (as long as you’re not ordering special stuff or any size other than 4 x 6). If I could just find a good, easy-for-dummies-to-use photo editing service…..

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