Sophisticated Lady: #NaBloPoMo

What is the oldest photo you own?

Since I have photo albums that were handed down from my grandmother . . . I have some rather old pictures. Not the oldest pictures ever. The oldest ones that I’ve found are from 1934. Just a regular sort of old but still interesting.

I’m not sure how I ended up with some of the photo albums. Probably because I’m the only one interested in them. She did have a recipe book that everyone wanted to take a peek at, except for me. Well, I would like the recipe for the double chocolate coconut cookies.

I looked through some of the photo albums. I was hoping that I had these specific pictures. I’m so glad that I do!

My grandma is the one holding the basketball. Notice that she is not standing up straight. She was really the tallest one in the picture.
This is my favorite picture of my grandma.

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  1. I’m a big guy. I used to be in love with a 6′ tall woman–she was smart, beautiful, and could shoot free throws all day without ever missing. She was offered 6 volleyball scholarships but chose the school where we met because of all the trees, and when I’d see her from the distance, walking through a crowd, she always slouched. I was not a great boyfriend, being young and stupid, but she once told me she liked that she could stand straight when she was beside me. Twenty-five years later, and that doesn’t seem like a half bad thing to give–“I like that I can stand straight when I’m beside you.” Your grandmother has a nice smile–I hope she didn’t always feel like she had to droop to fit into a scene.

  2. 1934 is now history, yet history within touching distance of us. So many changes took place in our world during the 20th century that lives altered dramatically. Your Grandma is pictured beside a car, yes they were around then, but think of all the others things we take for granted today, most of which had never even been fought of then. I remember my grandfather being mesmerised by the first moon landing. Never in all his life had he ever thought such a thing would happen, yet we accept such things as quite normal in our technology driven world.

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