Orange: #fmsphotoaday



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I could be the worst cook in America. My boyfriend tells his friends about my cooking disasters. I'm glad someone is amused. I like movies, music, comic books and corny jokes.

3 thoughts on “Orange: #fmsphotoaday

  1. Orange and tangerine are my favorite bright colors to wear. I usually don’t use in my apt. but I did recently buy a floral decorative plate with orange and turquoise in it. I put it in a plate holder as an accent.

  2. I love orange…one of my favourite colours!

    Clementine: [Clementine has dyed her hair orange] You like? To match my sweatshirt, exactly.
    Joel: Ahaaahhhhh! Ohhhhhh! I like it!
    Clementine: You do?
    Joel: You look like a tangerine!
    Clementine: Hmmm, Clementine the tangerine.
    Joel: Juicy… ‘n seedless.
    Clementine: I like that.

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