A Non-dilemma Birthday Dilemma


Today my dilemma . . . dilemma is not the right word exactly . . . is whether to go to Detroit for a concert tomorrow. . . on my birthday.

Is it selfish to want to go to this show?

Should I spent the small amount of money to go to the show? It’s $10 to go see Sheer Mag. (OMG. I love Sheer Mag.) The major cost will be time and gas money.

They are coming to Cleveland next month with Diet Cig (OMG. I love Diet Cig) But I don’t think I can go to that show.

Is there a way for me to attend shows and contribute to society? Hmmmm. There must be a thing for me to do.

I could also take the money and buy items for care packages for the local homeless shelter. I think this might be an ongoing project that I’ll be putting into the monthly budget.

It’s important to me to be a better person who gives something back to the world besides words. Words are great but they don’t feed the hungry. Ok. Maybe they feed someone’s soul.

The words “volunteer at a homeless shelter” are on my bucket list . . .waiting for me to make it happen.

I found this page on DoSomething.org. There are tons of campaigns. Today, I searched for homeless campaigns. I am kind of partial to making superhero kits for homeless kids. That sounds like a fun idea for kids that aren’t having much fun.


So if you would like to give me a birthday present, then please do something to help someone else. You can tell me about it and everything. It’ll be great!

My friend, Lizzi, is helping her friend, Jenny, fund her wedding and housing. There’s a Go Fund Me account over here.



It’ll be like everyone is getting a present. Who doesn’t like presents?

4 responses to “A Non-dilemma Birthday Dilemma”

  1. Such an amazing post. Keep up being awesome! Xo

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’ll see what I can do about the awesome! lol

  2. You’re so, so sweet to share Jenny’s campaign…and quite honestly I struggle with guilt too…for all sorts of things. And then I remember how much I forgot and feel awful.

  3. As a child abuse survivor, my non-profit of choice is YesICAN.org whose mission is to break the silence & cycle of abuse. If this mission speaks to you, please check them out. Thank you for asking, Holley!

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