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#weekendcoffeeshare: I can’t find my microphone

If we were having coffee, I would tell you . . .

  • I can’t find my headset with the microphone. I just need it to pretend I’m Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer.”
  • No, not really.
  • I can’t find a picture of a soap box. But I feel like I’ve been writing from a soap box this week. Maybe it’s because I’m another year older and more aware of my mortality. I just don’t want to waste my life not doing anything about anything.
  • While on Facebook, I found this post about Anna Duggar and raising our daughters to be powerful and educated. It may be the best Facebook post that I’ve ever read. #breathefire This is the link so you can also read it.
  • If you want another good read, here is a post by Dee Barnes regarding “Straight Outta Compton” and misogyny. Someone should give this lady a job. It is beyond ridiculous that she can’t get a decent reporting job because Dr. Dre beat her. Why does the entertainment industry choose abusers over the victims?
  • mug2
  • In other news, my week has been awesome sauce. Birthday, Huffington Post, Chinese Food and this mug. It seems like I’ve had too much coffee – there’s so much intensity and all – but I have only had one caffeinated beverage today.


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