Reading List: #blogtember

What’s on your to-read list, and what have you recently read? 

Today, i finished reading “Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All.” It’s an interesting story for sure. The author uses the word “onct.” Is it a real word?
The books on the to-read list include

Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself


The Diary of Anne Frank

The Boston Girl

The Perfume Collector


China Dolls

At the Mountains of Madness

I am having so much fun here without you


#weekendcoffeeshare: The Maid is Lazy edition


If we were having coffee, I would tell you . . .
* Mom’s taxi service has been busy this weekend.
* The maid has been lazy so I’ve been catching up on housework.
* The chef has been gone, which means I had to make the coffee, breakfast and lunch today. The horror! My kids suffered through it without complaining too much.
* This week, I participated in Blogging 201. I changed the theme and other things.
* Blogtember is almost over. Blogtober is around the corner.
*How are you guys?

Shout Outs to 5 Lovely Lady Bloggers: #blogtember

Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?


I love all of these ladies and their blogs. These are just the five that I read the most. There are quite a few that I haven’t listed. Another day.

  1. Part Time Monster.
  2. Rarasaur.
  3. Nerd in the Brain
  4. Not a Punk Rocker
  5. Darla at New World Mom.

The One that Got Away: Daily Post


Write about the one X that got away — a person, an experience, a place you wanted to visit. How much would you change about your life to have it within reach again?

Wow! What a difficult question!

For a long time, I would have changed everything if it was possible to get back to that place and time. Everything! I would have stayed in the city that we lived in, instead of moving. We were on again off again for a year or so. At the time, I didn’t think that we were going to be on again. So I moved in with someone else.

He called me after I moved to ask me to move in with him. Worst timing ever. I should have accepted his offer, even if the other person that I moved in with would hated me forever. The second person would have gotten over it and married someone sooner or later. I eventually married and divorced the other person. So the second person hates me anyway so that would not have mattered.

I regretted not taking the risk for many years.

My life would have been different with him. We would have probably been happy but there aren’t guarantees.

I imagine that there would have been a life of writing, concerts, Chinese food and comic books. So sort of like now but in a city and maybe without children.

Then I met someone that changed my answer to the initial question. How much would I change to get back to that point? Nothing. I would not change anything if I still ended up here with my person.

The one that got away and I both have blogs on WordPress. I’m always tempted to tag him but I never do. I don’t follow him either. I looked at his blog today and felt like a creeper. I didn’t have any feelings like, “Oh, I miss him so much. I wish. I wish. I wish.” I just thought his blog looked nice. Progress.

I wrote this post about how his then girlfriend and now wife looks like me. So it’s like my doppelganger married the one that got away.

Music Connection: #blogtember

Three songs you are connecting with right now.


This song is almost exactly what I’m thinking when I’m at a party. Or anywhere that people are there.

I’m obsessed with this song. I even clocked in late so I could finish listening to it.  It’s a country song but still – obsessed. I might listen to it ten more times today.

Cover of “Sober.’ I think I like the cover better than the original. Seriously.

Hats and Tea Parties: Daily Post


You have to spend one day as or with your favorite fictional character. Which one would it be and what would you do?

It’s a difficult choice. There are so many great characters. However, I would choose to be Alice in Wonderland.

I would find the Mad Hatter immediately. After we make some rather amazing hats, then we’ll have a tea party but instead of tea we’ll have booze. Special magical booze that doesn’t let us get too drunk. Tea parties aren’t as much fun when you’re too smashed to lift your teacup. No one likes hangovers either.

Then the Mad Hatter and I will design outfits to go with the hats. We could paint beautiful pictures and write haikus.

There should definitely be roller skating and a disco ball.

If there’s still time, then we could  play pranks on the Queen of Hearts. How much fun would it be to prank call the Queen of Hearts?  If she finds out that we’re pranking her, she might not take it well.

Then we will have to capture the Jabberwocky in order to win the day. Remember that we can do so many impossible things before lunch.

Yoga Studio and a Bathroom All in One


There is no looking away from the woman in the mirror because she is everywhere. Literally.

There is a whole wall of mirrors in our bathroom. Let that sink in for a minute. A whole wall of naked insecurity lurks in the bathroom.

Imagine trying to use the bathroom or the shower and having to stare at yourself because there really isn’t anywhere else to look. It leaves very little to the imagination. It can also be a slightly daunting and a little bit hilarious.

My mom asked me if I see her in the mirror when I get out of the shower. Thanks for that image Mom. Honestly, I don’t see the resemblance.

There have been several times in the last few months that I have said, “Who is that lady? How long has my butt looked like that?” It’s not the first time that I’ve seen myself naked. It is the first time that I felt too naked.

I grew up in a house that only had three doors – front, back and bathroom.  There was quite a bit of seeing people walking around in their underwear or running across the house in their bath towel.

We were not perverts either. We just didn’t have air conditioning or shame.

Try telling that to the women that came to the door for donations. I’ve never seen anyone so shocked to see a grown man answer the door in his underwear. Good job Dad. Those ladies never came back for their donations either.

We didn’t do body shaming at our house. We probably should have been almost embarrassed to go outside.  But we weren’t hiding. I haven’t really been ashamed of my body.

After having three children, it is not the same body that I remember having. The image that I have of myself had not quite caught up to its current state. Some of us still go out in public with our bellies hanging out because we forget that we are not 20 anymore.

Now there is no hiding from the truth. Mirrors are brutally honest. If nothing else, I have pinpointed my problem areas thanks to the wall o’mirrors

I know it won’t be the body of a 20 year old because it has been 20 years since I’ve been 20. So that makes sense to me.

For a few months last year, I  practiced yoga. Maybe I could set up a yoga studio in the bathroom. The mirrors are already there. Just add yoga mats for an instant studio.

I haven’t been ashamed before. So why start now? I think I would rather just own the extreme nakedness that is happening in the future yoga studio/bathroom.