#weekendcoffeeshare: but first coffee

The teenager and I went shopping yesterday. She wanted to leave so early. When shopping is involved, she will drag herself out bed shortly after the crack of dawn. It is remarkable and annoying. Mama hadn’t even had coffee or a shower.
We shopped all day.
My favorite part of the trip was the Halloween store. We took some selfies. There was a strampunk pirate theme going on here.
I think I should get the Mad Hatter hat.
weekend coffee share: but first coffee by holley-perry featuring a battery clock

10 responses to “#weekendcoffeeshare: but first coffee”

  1. Wonderful memory for you and your daughter! What they get us to do! 🙂

    1. It is! 🙂 true. Parents do stuff for their kids that they wouldn’t normally do.

  2. Sam and I clowned around in Halloween stores today….It’s always so much fun. 🙂

    1. It was. 🙂 She didn’t even have to twist my arm lol

  3. I think Halloween could pass us by but probably won’t be allowed off the hook. It’s not such a big deal here in Australia xx Rowena

    1. Really?! No rush on Hugh Jackman costumes? 🙂 i love Hugh Jackman. . . Thanks Australia! 😉

      1. Funny you should mention Hugh Jackman. Back when I was at school, not unsurprisingly, he was the local heart throb and a friend of mine was crazy about him and we used to catch the train hoping she’d see him. I think she sort of knew him. Anyway, another friend of mine who was much calmer used to catch the bus with him and remembers him filling out his uni applications and wanting to do acting. She suggested he get a real job. She recently ran into him at a function and they were both looking at each other saying I know you and when he said he was Hugh Jackman she was so embarrassed because she’d forgotten all about the bus and a mutual friend had to remind her. So funny! He used to play the male lead in our school musicals. There’s a bit of an insider for you. Happy to provide Hugh Jackman to the world. It’s a noble cause! xx Rowena

      2. Great story!! 🙂

      3. Thought you’d like that!

      4. Definitely! 😉

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