My Boobs Hurt: Breast Cancer Awareness


It could be nothing. It could be some hormonal thing. Maybe a glandular problem?
Luckily, I have a boyfriend that likes to touch my boobs. He said the boob feels unbooblike. He also wanted to clarify that he is not a doctor.
The doctor has been called. I also had to call my mom because I could not remember his name. It was kind of awkward to say, “Hi Mom, What’s my gynocologists name?”
So I’m over here just trying to schedule a mammogram and watching a Bob Marley documentary in between calls from my mom. Is that weird?
FYI: Did you know that you might not need a doctor’s order to get a screening mammogram? My mom knows all of this info.

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      1. I’m supposed to go every year because my maternal aunt had breast cancer. I’ve skipped 2-3 years already. Okay, sounds good!

      2. My grandma had breast cancer also. So I should’ve had regular mammograms. I had one when I was 30. We should get our nails done or something.

      3. There are two schools of thoughts on mammos: some believe they actually damage breast tissue, but others say they save lives, which I believe to be true also. Sounds fun.

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