I love you Honey Badger!: #blogtober16



Cats are ok. Dogs are fine. Horses and unicorns are majestic and all of that.

However, my favorite animal is the honey badger. I aspire to be more like a honey badger every day. They are relatively small but they are tough little bastards. They are persistent in getting what they want.

There is nothing tough about how I get honey. I just go to the store and completely skirt around the issue of dealing with bees. In comparison to the honey badger, humans give up so easily. My honey gathering skills are weak.  Sometimes I can’t even find the honey if it’s not right beside the peanut butter. If the store changes their plan-o-gram, there will be no honey until I find it accidentally. 

In the YouTube video that introduced the honey badger to popular culture, the punch line is basically that they don’t care. Sometimes I still care too much about what people think. It’s much less than when I was younger. Lately, I have to try to just go out in public without wearing a hat over the mohawk. I have to say to the lady who gives me the sideways stare,”Mom,this is my hair. Love it. Fear it.” Or something like that. What would honey badger do? Nothing because they don’t care if people like their hair.

I’ll be over here not caring what people think and hoping that no one touches my hair.




The Crazy Honey Badger



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