a to z bucket list: ride an elephant


This is a picture of my grandpa and I riding an elephant.  I’m the one in the middle holding on for dear life. I don’t know the little girl in the front.

I’m not sure where this took place. It took me awhile to even find this picture. My grandma wrote in the photo album that we were on a road trip from Kansas to Wisconsin.

I cannot believe that my grandpa rode the elephant. I also cannot believe that my grandparents talked me into doing this.

While searching for this picture, I found a lot of pictures of my grandparents and their travels. There was at least one album of my mom’s adventures. So I guess the wanderlust gene was passed down.

Hopefully, there will be more adventures this year than last year.

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  1. Oh wow that’s so cool! And extra cool that it was in America – I didn’t know there was anywhere here where you could ride an elephant.


    1. It was 35 years ago. Not sure if you can now.

  2. That was on my bucket list, too. Finally got to do it 2 years ago in Thailand, and it was quite a ride. We went through a river. Also bought the elephant a bunch of sugar cane, which it ate in one go. I thought I wanted to ride a camel, too, but in Dubai, when I saw other people getting on their sitting camel and it got up in a jerky motion which startled the riders, I thought, “not with my back,” and so I just sat on the camel while it was sitting down.

    1. Sounds like an adventure! But you got on the camel and that’s what matters. 😉

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