Stars at Night: Sleep Deprived Music Review

 Stars at Night, music review

Stars at Night is a kickass group of four ladies from Los Angeles who are totally worthy of rave reviews. They are a little bit punk, a little bit rock, and roll, which are some of my favorite things.

Their first album, The Beginning is available on Bandcamp. It was released in 2010. They were supposed to release a second, self-titled album in 2016; however, I cannot find it.

You guys should definitely listen to and buy this album. This morning I was feeling less than motivated. After listening to Stars at Night, I feel re-energized and ready to do this music review. Coffee also helps. I highly recommend Stars at Night and coffee.

I enjoyed the songs, “Not Torn Apart,” and “Your Destiny.”

If I was going to be in a band, I would want to be in this band. They have so much energy and talent. However, I don’t have musical abilities so maybe they would let me be a roadie or the band photographer or something.

Stars at Night, The Beginning on Bandcamp

Stars at Night on Facebook

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