The Crane Wives: Sleep Deprived Music Review

crane wives

The Crane Wives, a quartet from Grand Rapids, Michigan, remind me that there are still really great acoustic rock bands out there. In the past, I have listened to a lot of acoustic music. (Hellooooo Lilith Fair, I miss you so much.)

The album, Foxlore, was released in 2016. They write their own music. It comes from an honest place. In fact, their bio on Facebook says that their interests are, “Creating honest music and sharing it as much as possible.” I believe them.

Their music is like Indie- Pop-Rock, sort of like Jewel but more upbeat. The Crane Wives use three part harmony and acoustic instruments in most of their songs.  I love all of their songs, but “Curses” and “The Ghost”  are my personal favorite.

The Crane Wives are based close enough to where I live that it’s possible to catch a live show.

Kate Pillsbury and Emilee Petersmark are the lead singers of The Crane Wives. They both play the guitar too. Bassist Ben Zito and percussionist / vocalist Dan Rickabus round out the band line up.



Foxlore on Spotify

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