Sleep Deprived Music Review: Rubblebucket


This morning I clicked on the Rubblebucket video of their Tiny Desk concert. I loved them right away. So of course, there were about 20 minutes spent finding out everything about Rubblebucket on the internet.

I found two important things about Rubblebucket. #1. They have a new album out called If U C My Enemies. #2. The aforementioned album is awesome!

Why do I love this album? Their music is a combination of things that aren’t always great separately but together are pretty awesome.

Their lead singer, Kalmia Traver, has a great voice and boundless energy. Rubblebucket also has a horn section, a synthesizer and a drum squad. Are they a marching band? Are they a ska band? Not exactly but then again there are hints of being a ska marching band. Their sound is a little more like 80s disco than most marching bands but in a good way.

The first song on the album is “Donna.” It sounds like it could’ve been a Donna Summer song.  The album is short with only four songs. It’s still worth a listen.

The band members include:

Kalmia Traver – lead vocals/baritone saxophone
Alex Toth – trumpet/vox
Dandy McDowell – bass
Maddie Rice – guitar
Adam Dotson – trombone

additional players:
Jacob Bergson – synths
Jeremy Phipps – sometimes trombone

drum squad:
jeremy gustin, ian chang, max jaffe

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