Interview with . . . The Lovers

The Lovers, the duo of Amanda June and Cole Vosbury, are going to be playing at a show practically in my backyard. Since I follow the concert venue’s Facebook page, The Lovers appeared on my Facebook feed.

So after listening to their music and watching a few videos, there was still more to discover about the duo. There are about 3 things that most people will find out by searching the Internet.

1. Cole was on The Voice during season 5.

2. Amanda June is from Dayton, Ohio.

3. Cole is from Shreveport, Louisiana.

On the day of the interview, my cat chewed the cord to my headset.  So doing a telephone interview was going to be a challenge.

We carried on with the interview despite the headset issue. Amanda and Cole also have cats so they were very understanding. Keep reading to find out more about The Lovers than you will find out by Googling them.

the lovers


Are you going to get a chance to visit your family while you’re in Ohio?

Amanda: Yes! We always try either in Louisiana with Cole’s family or in Ohio with mine to get in as much family time as we can.

What’s the most interesting thing to see in Dayton?

Amanda: There isn’t too much to sightsee. There’s a lot of history around the area though and several great, worthwhile museums. We also like to get out and explore, Ohio has some really gorgeous sunsets and big sunflower fields in Yellow Springs right outside of the city. Also Wegerzyn’s Gardens is a cool outdoor place to have a picnic or kill some time walking on the nature trails!

Where’s the best place to eat in Louisiana?

Cole: That’s a tough one. There’s a lot of great food down there. I can’t attest to ALL of Louisiana, only the places I’ve been. If you’re in New Orleans you gotta go to Cafe du Monde and get their beignets and black coffee. In Shreveport, where I’m from, there is a place called Marilynn’s Place that serves the best, most authentic Cajun cuisine north of New Orleans. Also in Shreveport, there’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world called Superior Grill. They have live music too. My band used to play there every other week when I still lived there.

How long have each of you been playing guitar?

Cole: I started as a drummer. Probably because that’s the easiest instrument to play, I didn’t really have to “learn” how to play the drums, it came naturally. Just had to get better. I knew I would play guitar someday. I just wasn’t ready for it yet. At 12, I started to pick up on piano, which I still love to play. Around 13 I started really learning how to play Guitar and then instantly fell in love with the instrument. I was instantly hooked. That’s been 14 years this year.

Amanda: I’ve been playing since I was around 14 years old and I’m still learning everyday. I initially picked up the guitar because I wanted to accompany myself on stage and be able to write & play my own songs. I aspire to be the best I can be at guitar but it’s not my passion like it is for Cole. I learn so much from him on and off stage. I’m lucky to have his influence daily!

Who taught you how to play?

Cole: I grew up in a musical family and my dad and uncle are both amazing guitar players. My grandma is an incredible piano player. My grandma taught me how to sing on key at 4 or 5 years old. She started me off on piano, really simple stuff, and I went from there. With guitar, I just absorbed what I heard and saw and tried my best to imitate it. A musician never stops learning. I still discover something new every time I pick up a guitar.

Amanda: I’m mostly self taught. Back in high school I asked my parents for guitar lessons to learn things like bar chords and try to advance further but after a few lessons all I wanted to do was record other songs or write my own so that’s what I did & eventually stopped going to pursue it on my own. I just learn as I go and like I said before, Cole has been a big influence on teaching me new ways to play chords & pushing me to be a better guitar player.

Were you nervous about moving to Nashville?

Cole: I had just come off of The Voice so I was making good money on the road. I just wanted a change of scene I guess from Shreveport, so Nashville’s where I headed. Music has been my only job since I was 19. It’s really all I have to offer. I don’t think anybody would want to hire me to do anything else. (laughs)

Amanda: I had my mind set on moving to Nashville at a young age. I knew Nashville was where you went to write songs, perform your own music & make a living at it. So at 18 I decided to make the leap and I never felt hesitant about moving out on my own. I followed my heart! I learned and grew a lot by being on my own those first few couple of years but I’ve always been independent and mature for my age so it didn’t seem so crazy to me at the time. After moving I served at a couple different restaurants and moved a couple of times with new roommates. About 4 months ago I was able to fully commit to making a living solely from music which felt amazing. You have to hustle and work to make ends meet, but we get to play shows & travel together for a living and it doesn’t get better than that to me. For fun, we love to visit friends to spend time catch up & share songs around the fire. We’re also huge flea market people and love a good find. I also love to cook vegan food & find new vegan restaurants!

How did you guys meet?

Cole: We met at a place in Franklin called Puckett’s Boathouse. Our friend Walker Hayes used to play there on Wednesday nights. He’d give his last set over to young artists who wanted to get up and sing. I just happened to be there with some friends and that’s where I heard Amanda sing for the first time. So I introduced myself to her, and also to Walker. We started writing and performing together and just became inseparable.

Where was your first show?

We played all over Nashville for a while at first so it’s hard to pinpoint the first show. After we released our video for “Let’s Get Lost” which we just released under our separate names, we came up with name The Lovers and started pushing that. So it was a very organic process.

Do you write your own music?

We do. I feel like it’s kind of cheap to just be one of these artists who just solely record other people’s songs. That’s what separates artists from just a musical act, I suppose. Unless it’s a song that we truly believe in. We sing several songs that were written by our friend Dave Pahanish, because we truly love those songs and want as many people as possible to hear them.

What’s your songwriting process like?

Cole: I can’t force myself to write a specific song, about a specific thing. Sometimes words and melodies and chords and arrangements hit me like a ton of bricks, and the song practically writes itself in a matter of minutes. As if it were already written, just waiting for someone to find it. weeks or months may go by where it doesn’t come that easily. Those are the times I get down, because writing is a great emotional outlet. Every writer is different.

Amanda: For me I usually get song lyric ideas first. I’m always jotting down a couple lines or a chorus idea in my notes. And Cole comes in handy with finding the music and melodies that fit the best. He’s got a great ear. So we balance each other out well.

Have you gotten to travel? Do you get to see the sites?

We’re on the road a lot. can’t afford a bus, or a driver to drive it, so we travel in our van, and I do get tired of driving sometimes. It’s worth it when we get wherever we’re going and get to play for new faces. It works a lot to where we’ll have some spare time to check stuff out, find good vegan restaurants. We’re not too big on site seeing really. We’re always looking for antique stores and flea markets. That’s one of our favorite things to do on the road. So much great stuff waiting to be found, and a lot of good, affordable vinyl records.
Are there any charities/worthy causes that you support?

Cole: Well we’re very strong in our convictions and beliefs. We’re Vegan/Plant-based, mainly for health reasons, but also for the animals. The treatment and living conditions they have to endure should be unlawful. At this point, we support the cause by not contributing our money to it. We are not currently in place financially to support the causes through donations but that is certainly a goal we have.

Did you know there are at least two other bands called The Lovers?

We did not. We learned after the fact that there is one from Switzerland or somewhere like that, sort of a Euro-pop thing and we didn’t that would conflict in any way. It’s a pretty common word and everybody gotta be named something. It’s the only thing we came up with that fit us perfectly.

What are the odds that The Lovers would be fans of another band called The Lovers?

A girl came up to us after a show and said “I’m from L.A. my ex and I used to have a band called The Lovers, but we broke up and so did the band. Here’s our music, check it out.” We liked what we heard and she liked our songs as well, so I guess there’s one example of it happening.

Why do you think fans love duos that are couples like Johnny & June, Sonny & Cher, George Jones & Tammy Wynette?

Music is a form of love, and an expression of love. I think music is as close to God as we can get here on Earth. So when there’s love happening on stage between two people, it creates a certain kind of magic and chemistry that can’t be faked.

What do you hope to be doing in the next year?

We hope to be able to travel to more cities and keep spreading our music & name. We’d love to jump on a bigger tour and have the opportunity to play bigger crowds. We’re also in the process of writing for an album & will be very excited when that comes together.


“Let’s Get Lost Video”


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